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  1. I don't know about the apps, but the free book is only free if you're in America, not the UK!
  2. Will it fit in the pockets of my jeans or shorts?
  3. Disappointed that it looks like I'm going to be leaving HTC for the first time since the Orange SPV. I want a high spec device with a small to medium screen, at least 32gb storage or an sd card and removable battery. Are these the only phones HTC will be bringing out this year?
  4. Doesn't seem to be available on the UK marketplace!
  5. I've tried this on my Touch HD. I entered 4 feeds (apparently the demo version only allows up to 5). It seemed to get the information correctly but now whenever I try to start the app I get a SmartRssTouch.exe NotSupportedException. So that was a bit disappointing. :-(
  6. Quite nice, though a bit small text even on Extra Large. Anyone know why www.bbc.co.uk insists that I'm not in the UK regardless of whether I'm using Orange 3G or my own wifi even though I am? It's Ok in other browsers.
  7. Has anyone else who has installed the latest version of Google Maps including the Latitude feature for seeing where your friends are had any problems with receiving calls? I'm not 100% sure it is related but since installing it I have had loads of calls going straight to voicemail with my phone not ringing, sometimes I immediately got the text saying that someone had called but not left a message. It was usually fixed by me rebooting the phone, or making an outgoing call, but after a few hours it seemed to break again. I have now uninstalled Google Maps and so far the problem has not reoccurred so I'm interested to see if anyone else has noticed this? Tim.
  8. Fine, except the icon bar stays where it was (so it is then at the side)
  9. Works on my Touch HD for the live tv. Works surprisingly well in fact and the iplayer homepage looks great on the great screen.
  10. Don't know how you got one out of Retentions, I've been calling them everyday and they've never had any in stock; next week's the earliest they reckon.
  11. I'm giving a try on my HTC Touch and I quite like it. Maybe I'm naive but I didn't realise until I showed it to someone else that's it's virtually identical to an iPhone interface, even down to the wobbling icons and stuff. :lol: Isn't there a danger Apple might get a bit annoyed?
  12. I've tried to install Gears on my HTC Touch and it works well. However even if you select Storage Card as the location for the install it still installs it in main storage. Has anyone managed to install it on their SD card? Tim.
  13. Tim

    iGoogle Gadget

    I see the RSS feed that the Modaco iGoogle gadget uses has changed. The gadget now says Feed has moved This feed has moved to http://www.modaco.com/index.php?feedburner=yes=rssout=1 I'm not clever enough to know how to fix this, I don't know who set up the gadget in the first place. Maybe whoever did might be around to amend it. I think I could probably work out how to create a new one if nothing happens, but it would surely reduce redundancy to update the existing one? Tim.
  14. Thanks for that, I'd been trying to work out why my SMS alert had gone quite, never thought it could be related to Opera!
  15. Is it just me that can't get Live Search to work properly when connected via Wifi? It won't display maps in any format and trying to do anything else just comes up with a message telling me to check my data connection. It's fine via GPRS and everything else is fine via wifi. Tim.
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