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  1. HI my name is Chris,i live in Norfolk UK and drive over your average miles a year. My most memorable drive was to cornwall a few years back,driving an old 1.6 senic loaded to the hilt oh and the family.I was given a satnav as a b/day present and one of the first times i used it was for this holiday. We set off around 4am and thats where the proiblems started,within 5 minutes the satnav tryed to drown us all (we had just moved to where we live,so didnt know the area)by taking us to a local river crossing we didnt know exsisted,in the pitch black we wouldnt have seen the water if my wife hadnt noticed the headlights shinning off the water. After that hiccup,we set off again,this time the stupid thing took us through every city/town on the way and some of the hills were huge the car barley making up them in first gear and a huge convoy of traffic behind us (soooo embarrassing).what should have been an 6-7 hr drive took us nearly 10-11. Brought a map for the way back used the wife as the satnav and all went well and a hell of a lot quicker on the way back. I still have said killer satnav and still use it but the only route it seems to get right(sort off) is from norfolk to essesx(think it wants to go back home) although it does tell me to turn left even though its showing me right a few times on the way.
  2. still using my HTC Desire,still an outstanding phone. random fact....im a tech junkie,love to learn new things.
  3. Sry but all I can suggest is flashing a new rom,or rooting the phone gaining s-off then delete the app,have u tryed any app manager's? maybe u can stop it loading that way. There's plenty of guides on rooting,and flashing roms its easier than it looks but there are obviously risks involved.
  4. I'm getting the same but happens when I run a game for more than 5 minutes,started of just random but now it's as I said.
  5. hi when i rooted my phone i done a nandroid backup of the original rom before instaling a modaco rom,what i want to know is can i us that backup to restore the phone back to original?
  6. right...boot into recovery go to other...u will find it there m8 :unsure:
  7. from what ive been told u do at the instal from zip in recovery,i havent got around to trying it yet though m8 but im guessing there will be an option.
  8. Hi I'm far from an expert but haven't u tried unrevoked to gain root,it worked on my pvt4 desire just didn't give me s-off.and I take it u have tried to reinstall the apps?as u said it seems to be the apps stored on your sd card have u checked if the card is still mounted and wasn't formatted while u cleared the cashe? Obvious questions I know but is easy to look over when you think uv killed your phone lol
  9. im back lol(been busy)....ive decided to instal one the precooked ginerbread roms before i go ahead and join the kitchen http://android.modaco.com/content/htc-desi...en-2-3-3-gri54/ is there anything else i need to flash..ie radio g-apps? oh and for anyone on amaonra recovery u can disable the sign check,so this being unsigned shouldnt be a problem. once again many thanks :mellow: chris
  10. do i need to instal a radio update with this rom or is it included?if not which is best for uk?
  11. Hi anychance of adding a signed version plz? I use amonra recovery which needs a signed rom .
  12. yes i think i will sign up,i have one question though,do i need to have s-off to use modaco roms?i was thinking of using cyanogen 7 but looks like i would need to flash with alpharev to get s-off and tbh id rather avoid more hassle.oh and ive read that if u are using amonra recovery u need to use a signed rom...is this right or is unsigned ok?
  13. whoop worked it out,it was the app move to sd enabler that was stopping unrevoked rooting changed the settings on the app to auto and recovery finialy flashed. many thx ian, now to do backup and get flashing :mellow: NOTE FOR ANYONE USING THE APP MOVE TO SD ENABLER WHILE TRYING TO USE UNREVOKED..SET IT TO AUTO OR U WILL HAVE THE SAME PROBLEMS I HAD.
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