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  1. litldrmrby02

    The HTC HD 7 'Ask Paul' topic

    Hi, I've just bought an HTC HD7 here in the UAE and found out that the marketplace cant yet be access here. Is there a way to have it activated. And is it possible to update to Manggo? Thanks in advance
  2. litldrmrby02

    no driver, help please

    Hi guys, i need some help with my omnia 7. I got it from a guy here in the middle east brand new and has a t-mobile brand and i think it was unlock here. My problem is that My phone cannot connect to the pc, i cannot access the windows live market and xbox live. Is there a forum that you know would help me with my prob. I like the phone and i want to do more with it. Thanks in advance
  3. Hi guys, Just got my Omnia 7 and very much liked its ui, and how smooth it works, but to my disappointment i cannot access windows marketplace here in u.a.e. I got a phone with a T-mobile logo at the back. Thanks in advance.

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