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  1. Excellent. By formatting just system partition I get to keep all settings. I do like this ROM - no storage issues, and support for the apps I use the most.
  2. Bluetooth issue has fixed itsef. I installed a Bluetooth Scanner app, which worked. Subsequently the default BT scanner now works. Removed the scanning app, restarted and all is well!
  3. Hi, I don't see bluetooth scan working. My TMV is excellent otherwise. It is able to be discovered by another BT device, but when I touch Scan nothing happens. Is this a known issue? Any thoughts? I used CWM Recovery to install the rom, and I cleared cache prior to install. Thanks, great ROM BTW
  4. Here's one. http://www.the-internet-shop.co.uk/huawei-ascend-g300/78746-huawei-ascend-g300-twin-dual-sim-card-adapter.html I might try this myself as I could use one handset to cover work/home use.
  5. Keen to move to latest ROM. Currently on 27th Jan version, and happy with it, with the exception of wifi tethering not working at all. Might I have better luck with the 4.2.2 ROM for tethering? Thanks for great work.
  6. Hi, using for several weeks and very happy. Wifi tethering does not work for me. Tried with tethering app also but no joy.
  7. Nice work. I would love to try CM9 on my TMV as current ROM is temperamental. TPT's to accommodate this would be great.
  8. Google voice search does not work for me. When kicked off from home screen or from app list it says 'unfortunately Google search has stopped'. Tried installing an older Gapps, still the same. Tried 1212 again, i.e. cleared system/cache/dalvik then installed rom from recovery, then installed 1212 Gapps from recovery, then restarted phone. All other Google stuff seems OK, i.e. text search, play store. My last working ROM was CM10 20130117 with Gapps 20121011 when the voice searched worked fine. Tried force close, clear data. Any ideas? EDIT: Sorry, read earlier post, downloaded Google search from Play store and now voice search is working.
  9. Running well for a week now. Notification light colours not tailorable, and BBC news videos not playing. Should I be using flash player? I've installed and old version but it does not make a difference with BBC. Great work btw
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