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  1. You've just installed a Xolo update, that widget was installed by Orange. Hence it was orange.
  2. Thank you, gentlemen, your bravery has given me the courage to upgrade :P I can definitely live with the Xolo logo.
  3. Yes, that seems to be the ICS update. Has anyone tried flashing it using the above method yet? And does anyone still have the old 2.3.7 zip?
  4. My advice: don't get your hopes up until ICS is on your phone and working. I wonder if we'll get higher resolution icons with the update. The little tiny gingerbread ones look lost on my SD.
  5. It was the same phone. Originally a gen1, flashed to gen2 to put Cyanogenmod 7.1 on, then flashed back with the image called OUK_P729BV1.0.0B20 from this thread. Obviously I'm not taking any responsibility if yours goes wrong, though. And yes, it removed clockworkmod. At least I assumed it did, I never bothered to check and it didn't seem to bother the ZTE people anyway.
  6. I just got mine back from the ZTE repair centre, again for speaker problems (mine was buzzing during calls). All I did was a TPT back to the original orange rom and there were no problems at all. Unless you count the promised 'three day turnaround'. It took over two weeks to get it back after sending it off.
  7. It certainly did for me. Don't ever expect an identical experience to the iPod touch - bear in mind you're only paying a fraction of the cost here - but cyanogenmod made my phone run like a dream. The only problems I had were with ADW launcher - easily fixed by installing Launcher Pro from the market.
  8. I'll resort to ordering online only if I can't find it in a store - I'd rather not waste three days waiting for the postman, not to mention the returns issues.
  9. Thanks for all the advice, guys - especially xathras for the in-depth review :P I think I'm going to take the plunge and buy one. It's not that much money and I'm pretty well convinced that the next-gen budget tablets will be more or less indistinguishable from the Vega. The screen is the expensive part of a tablet after all, so why improve that when you can cram a bit more memory in, stick Gingerbread on and pretend it's a major upgrade? Of course, now it's out of stock at my local PC world, so I've got a bit of a quest coming on. Nevertheless, thanks everyone for helping me make my mind up - although thinking about it when you ask a forum full of vega enthusiasts whether you should get one or not it's pretty obvious what kind of answer you're going to get!
  10. See, this is where I get confused - half the people on the internet seem to say the display is rubbish and the other half think it's fine. I'd not realised the view angles are so bad that you get a different image in each eye, though. Are you reading in portrait or landscape, Jimmy? Phil, I'm aware I'll have to give it a bit of a makeover before it's the way I want it - but then that's half the fun ;) As a matter of fact one reason I want a tablet is so I can satisfy my android tweaking cravings without having to take my phone out of commission all the time. As an aside, that bus timetable idea is actually a damn good one. I always faff about trying to find times on websites, but downloading the timetables makes a lot more sense :P I'll probably do that with my phone even if I don't get a tablet in the end. EDIT: Oh, and thanks for the feedback! And the welcome.
  11. Wotcher, Vega people. My magpie mind has become convinced that I should buy myself a tablet. I don't want to spend too much because I'm completely aware that between my android-powered phone, beefy desktop and portable netbook I really am doubling up on equipment here. At £200, the Vega looks like an excellent buy - not least because if I can get it performing similarly to more expensive tablets I can tell myself that I saved £200 by not getting a Tab... rather than facing up to the fact I actually spent £200 by not being a strong-willed person. My question for you educated folk is this: as the tablet appears to be nearing the end of its shelf life (though it appears not its usable life, what with Vegacomb only getting more and more exciting), should I rush to buy it now before it vanishes or wait to see what the next generation of budget tablets are like - particularly the rumoured Vega 2? The speculation/rumour thread on these forums seems to be full of nothing but Tegra 3-powered 16GB wet dreams right now, and it's hard to establish whether it'll be a hardware upgrade or just a price upgrade. I'm afraid the new model will be back up at the £250 price point. As a side question, does anyone have a strong opinion of the usefulness of the Vega as a pdf reader? A facet of my justification for buying one is that I hope to use it to read academic papers on - something I can't stand doing on a desktop. Without PDF support out of the box it's impossible to tell in the shop whether it's any good... I'm a bit apprehensive of the narrow aspect ratio for reading in portrait. Anyway, all opinions are welcomed, and thanks for your time :)
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