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  1. This vs Huawei Y300 ( http://www.gsmarena.com/huawei_ascend_y300-5386.php ) @ 130€ here in Italy. What do you prefer?
  2. Dumping your rom and posting it here may help dev to discover an unlock combination. Heacate already requested a dump some post before yours.
  3. Cusy

    ZTE Blade III

    As I posted here: There's a software called SigmaKey that claims to unlock the Blade III. Haven't tested it yet, I was looking for some positive feedback about a UK/Swiss Blade III unlock before buying it.
  4. This is the only thing that stops me from buy one. Googling i've discovered a software called SigmaKey that claims to support sim unlock on Blade III, but there are no info if it really works.
  5. Anyone? :( EDIT: I found some info on google, looks like http://sigmakey.com/en/ has Blade III in his compatibilty list. Anyone have tried it with a swiss Blade III ?
  6. Blade III has been released in Switzerland with Orange (like the first one was). http://shop.orange.ch/it/blade-iii/invt/10061153 It's sold at about 90€, but it's Sim Locked. I was looking for a OSF replace low-budget phone, anyone has more info on how to unlock this?
  7. Flash a rom? Maybe theTPTs you tried didn't include any roms.
  8. Can you share a guide on how to build single apks from AOSP? I'm interested in making a LatinIME with only italian dictionary, just to keep /system as small as possible.
  9. Check your logcat. Mine was full of exceptions raised by the backup process.
  10. Do you have a custom wallpaper set? Some month ago I had the same issue and discovered from a logcat that the backup process was trying to upload my custom wallpaper all the time, but the upload always failed.
  11. Many people in this thread said that they removed some app/files to fit a 138mb partition. Is there any list of file those files? Can anyone link slimmed down LatinIME.apk and fonts? Also KonstaT, in SSRLS7 you also linked a custom TPT that also installs the rom, and wbaw did it too for his Ginger Stir Fry. Can you provide any info on how to make those? Thx in advance.
  12. Thx for the answers, she bought an external charger like the one ColdEmbrace posted on DealExtreme for 4$. Not here in Italy... Every shop around i've asked only sells USB charger..
  13. My gf's broke her blade's usb port (cable doesn't block anymore, can't estabilish a USB connection, neither charge the battery). Is there any external charger available? Something like "Take off the battery, put it in this device and it begins charging"? Also any idea on how to fix this will be very appreciated.
  14. I've just installed JB + Int2Ext, and i can't hear any notification sound. Did you use the main script or the one for the "low volume bug" ?
  15. Uhm.. It doesn't work on Konstat's CM10 build. Every texture is white.
  16. CM7 is based on AOSP 2.3.7, not on official roms. For the other question, I've just checked the spec of a video i've got on my SD. 1000kbps, 29.97fps, 576 x 320, MP3 116kbps VBR audio, XviD codec.
  17. I suggest you to use Swedish Snow RLS7, it's based on the official 2.3.5 rom but with lots of tweaks and a better overall performance. Anyway, with MX Video Player on KonstaKANG CM9 I can smoothly play *.avi files (XviD/DivX codec) and *.wmv (WMV9 codec) without any issues with software decoding. Only H.264 videos cannot be played.
  18. You bought a 2.5 years old phone and now you whine about no official support? That phone was released with Eclair and got both Froyo and Gingerbread from ZTE. One year ago we all were saying "ZTE is the best company in the world, they released a 2.3.5 image for a 2.1-based phone! Samsung and Sony should learn from them" and now they turned in s*** just 'cause you've got no official ICS upgrade. Also, if I understood properly, ARMv6 support is now removed from AOSP, how can you blame someone for not releasing driver for a platform that is not even official supported from the OS? It's like asking people to do games with DX7 support under windows, just because you still run Win 98 SE on a Pentium III and you wanna play Crysis. Also, QC released half of the thing we need for free (Adreno200 driver) and right now we could enjoy ICS even with some litte bugs... If you really need to play videos either stuck on GB (ICS won't change your life if video decoding and FM Radio are the most important feature on your smartphone. If you really like ICS style, get a CM7 theme and Holo launcher.) or get a portable DivX player. And if you really think that other manufacter aside from ZTE/QCom always upgrade their phones, i've got some bad news for you: - LG/Tegra + LG/TI-OMAP: http://www.landofdro...pdates/ - Sony: http://www.xperiablo...4-1-jelly-bean/ - Samsung: http://geekace.com/o...y-bean-upgrade/ - HTC: http://www.landofdro...ing-ics-update/ If you really want the last update, Nexus is the only answer... But be sure to get the last model, otherwise you'll get some surprise
  19. And stucked to gb like optimus dual and motorola atrix? Afaik, they have problems that are similar to our. The Tegra2 chipset for smartphone is not the same chipset that is used on tablet like Asus TF101 or Acer Iconia, only Tegra2 tablet has been updated to ics...
  20. The raspberry PI foundation claims that they've got full hw acceleration (both video and UI) on their platform (ARMv6 Broadcom). Even if Blade uses MSM7227 from Qualcomm, can this help in implementing HW Video Decoding on our device? http://www.raspberrypi.org/archives/1700
  21. I just noticed that after upgrading both my blade and my gf's blade with your TPT the baseband under information menu is set to "QCT Unknown". No problems till now (i used your TPT more than 1 month ago and nothice this only today), i can use both 3G/2G data, make calls, send SMS, navigate with WiFi, but do you know why it doesn't show the real baseband? It's a swiss OSF btw.
  22. MyTracks and Map My Run are flagged as compatible with my Blade. Hailo cannot be installed in my country (no idea if I switch my sim with a UK one if it works, will check later if you need). 10/07 Rom (still haven't got time to upgrade to 15/07)
  23. I suggest you to use the custom TPT located in the second post of KonstaKANG thread
  24. Just to know, do we need new Adreno200 libs or the one for ICS works on JB too?
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