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  1. Well you should google "a-gps" to get a more accurate answer, but the idea is that your blade makes use of positioning tables for your gps to fix satellites more quickly. These tables are downloaded from the internet but different servers are available: the more "local" your server is, the quicker the fix (in theory).
  2. For those with GPS issues, are you using the most appropriate server for your location? I use Faster Fix it to reset my default GPS server after every flash, then GPS fix is far quicker. No relation, but does anyone know exactly why MAC address spoofing no longer works on 4.2.2? It used to work perfectly well on 4.2.1... I tried ifconfig & ip link (or MAC address ghost, which is the same), and both methods fail, with an error message like "Operation not supported on transport endpoint", which suggests the interface has somehow changed. I need this because a hotspot provider has the bad habit of blacklisting MAC's which connect without identifying immediately - which obviously occurs when you walk by with your phone in your pocket...
  3. OK, thanks for your quick confirmation. The comments were not very clear, and the (incorrect) status was indeed not coherent with what I could read from the code either...
  4. Hi KonstaT, Could you please confirm that this commit is part of last build? The list of merged but not credited commit suggests it, but I'd just like to be sure, because I get the exact same message I used to have before this option was enabled. Thanks again for your work & help!
  5. Hey there, Still not able to compile by myself :/ Installed a VB on my 32bits to emulate a 64bits system, setup a build env, followed the steps, but the lunch command won't create any out directory :'( I just get what I think is the "normal" output, but obviously the make bacon can't work, as there is no out directory at the mentioned address. Having no error message to start from is really annoying :/// Could anyone help, please?
  6. Same output here, still a mystery to me. The lunch command gives somewhat the same output, and the make can obviously not work, as there is no "out" directory to be found! Why won't the the lunch command give any error but still not create the out directory?? Running a 64bits virtual box, as my laptop is 32bits, for what it's worth.
  7. As KonstaT mentioned earlier in this thread, have a look at "Lockscreen Policy" on Google Play. It's free and lets you choose whether you want these damn widgets to be active or not.
  8. Nope. I'm referring to the security feature which, when you enable it, asks for a pin code to unlock your device. This keypad is different from the sim pin keypad, and it happens that its digits aren't displayed correctly in the default build.
  9. For those like me who had issues with the lockscreen keypad (only the upper half of each digit is displayed), here's a flashable zip which should solve the issue, based on the framework-res.apk file present in KonstaT's last release (12.01). The keys are now smaller, but totally visible. Attention: I'm not referring to the sim pin keypad, but to the lockscreen keypad - provided you chose that security option. This is a very modest correction originally meant for myself only, but as others had the issue I thought I'd share... In case the flash fails to work just reflash the rom, it should get your blade back to normal.
  10. You should open LatinIME.apk directly in the rom zip, by double-clicking on it. This should open the apk in a new 7zip window. After removing useless stuff, you should be prompted in the rom zip window something like: "LatinIME.apk was changed, do you want to apply the change here?". Obviously the answer is yes. Furthermore, "main.dict" should not be deleted as well as your own language file, in LatinIME.apk...
  11. OK, EAP-SIM seems to be a very "French" topic, actually :P Further research on a different perspective seems to indicate that CM10 is not fully EAP-SIM compatible, which would answer point 2. If point 1 could be confirmed, maybe the this post (comment 14) could help? If I get it correctly, looks like some kernel functionality is not enabled in CM10, thus preventing EAP-SIM from working. Can anyone here confirm or infirm this could be (part of) the issue? If it is a possible cause: KonstaT, is there any chance you'd enable this option in your rom? Don't know if you meant to diverge from CM10.1 in terms of functionalities... (sorry, I had to try :D) I'll try to build by myself if I can finally find time to do it.
  12. Hey there, Many thanks to KonstaT and contributors, this rom has quickly become my daily rom, thanks to its excellent performance and overall behaviour. To add my experience to the previous answers, I've been using link2sd succesfully since the first version, and last version's UI doesn't seem particularly slow or laggy (I'm using Apex Launcher, btw); I also didn't experience any battery drain, in any version. Now my issue: is EAP-SIM working for someone on this rom? I seem to remember that some users had it working in previous roms, which means the Blade is EAP-SIM-capable (correct me if I'm wrong), but I just can't have it to work on mine with this rom (0601) - didn't try on previous roms as it was not provided by my carrier by this time. I keep getting a buildIdentity error (I can post config & logs if anyone cares) which did not give me interesting results (or at least results I could work with) in google & forums. To sum up: Is the blade EAP-SIM-capable? Is EAP-SIM theoretically possible on this rom? (kernel or whatever) Does anyone have a working config for EAP-SIM on this rom? Thanks in advance to anyone who will help!
  13. Nice surprise for the supposed end of the world :D Once again, many thanks KonstaT, I'll definitely give this a try!
  14. Don't know about youtube HQ (and don't really care, not using it), but the rom is really great, and camera 4.2 works very well: gallery, camera, camcorder, even the panoramic gives some nice result! Congratulations and thanks for the hard work!
  15. The singlepdp tip didn't break mms sending for me with the previous build. However since CM9 iirc I have to be connected to a wifi network for my mms to be sent - I know this doesn't make much sense, but it's what I observed.

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