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  1. Thanks everyone... i solved the problem with fresh installations :D thank you all for the help.
  2. hello, i am able to receive text messages but not able to send one. i get an error message " message not sent" am i the only one having this problem ? i am using Airtel (india) connection.
  3. i downloaded this file... but dont have the link to the installer package from dev site which contains o2beta folder and all. please share a link. thanks a ton.
  4. Thanks ... cant wait to install android :D
  5. hello again, i was trying to install android with kernal-froyo-rev98 . but the process stopped at android loading. i used froyo_beta1024 for installation. wanted to know if i need to download new installation files and if so if anyone could please give me the links for the new files. thanks a lot.
  6. hello friends, Yesterday i downloaded some games like paper toss and angry birds. paper toss is working fine .. but angry birds dint .. seems like some graphic issue. Is that the issue known ? or its only because i had old 2d/3d drivers ? please do let me know if the game is working fine with everyone else. thanks.
  7. Hello, wish to thank all the developers because of which i am using android on my B7610.. thanks a lot guys ... wish to see a fully functional version soon..
  8. hello, just the link that you have provided above for FAQ and HOW TO's is for I8000. will that be the same for ours B7610 ?
  9. hello sir, i am gonna try once again to install android on my B7610 on SD card. i am going to use 2gb SD card. sir before installations i want to know certain basic things. 1) as you have said in step 3 to select "MY STORAGE" and copy file there. i wanted to know that if we copy files on "MY STORAGE" and run HARET.exe(o2 folder one) as suggested will that install android on my SD card or on MY STORAGE. 2) by selecting MY storage in mass storage mode and running HARET.exe will it create partition on MY storage ? 3) Do i need to format my SD card in certain format (fat , fat32) for the installations ?
  10. hello, i am new user.. i am using windows mobile 6.1 professional that came with my phone B7610. i would like to know if i can install this sense on it? thanks a lot for developing such softwares.

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