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  1. Hi, sorry only just got your comment, not been on here I'm a while. How is your super pad? I got my updated romrom superpad.tv, there is a rom developer on there called Tim and e is on revision 6d. Hope your pad is still alive and kicking, I'm looking for some better roms for it now.

  2. Where/what were the firmware upgrades that you found for your superpad 3. I've bricked mine, i think.

  3. Thanks Tigtex, great work I'm going to give the latest update a go. I'll post what I find of any issues.
  4. electricdel

    new boot animation

    I'm using Tigtex 106 and the tethering works on my phone? Connected my flytouch 3 to it fine. Wireless that is not tries usb yet
  5. Hi Tigtex great work! I can't keep track of the updates. Can you post a link to latest update plus the screen sensitivity as I have same issue. Keep up the good work, you the MAN! Many Thanks :)
  6. electricdel

    Questions about FLYTOUCH 3 SUPERPAD 2

    Hi I have a flytouch 3 superpad 2 and I'm very happy with it. I have found some unofficial firmware upgrades on other sites which has improved it a lot too. Screen sensitivity is good and the HDMI output is great for watching movies on your tv through it. It's never going to beat an Ipad but at £130 you get what you pay for. I bought mine off ebay, just beware of lower units making out they are superpad 2. I think superpad 3 may even be out now too? Any questions please IM me and I'll get back to you, hope this helps a little.
  7. electricdel

    Racer 2.6.32 kernel

    I also find the sound distorted at high volume? I can't seem to connect to satelites when using navigation? otherwise great kernal, great work! ;)
  8. electricdel

    Racer 2.6.32 kernel

    Any chance of a complete update.zip to try? Many Thanks
  9. electricdel

    [ROM] cm7 NIGHTLY v80 Ready

    Does Navigation work and is there a chance of an update.zip file complete with all the fixes please Ricky? Great work, truely appreciated!
  10. Its 2.1 update 1 kernel 2.6.29 3UK/_P726GB01 I hope this helps? Thanks for your time.
  11. electricdel

    How To Change Icons Etc In Rom

    Will this work with the 2.2 mod on here?
  12. electricdel

    my first flash

    I'm a newbie myself and was very apprehensive at first but now i'm used to it it's a walk in the park. I find the 2.2 by Ricky to be the most stable/ usable upgrade so far but that is just my opinion. The 2.3.3 one looks great but just has too many bugs it makes you want to launch the phone across the room lol .
  13. electricdel

    my first flash

    Place the update in the root folder of your memory card and repeat and all should be ok. You can toggle your usb through the recovery screen to be able to change this. Good luck but it should not be a problem.
  14. electricdel

    [ROM] new 2.3 rom

    I had lots of problem with keyboard with this ROM, gone back to Rickys 2.2 til stable rom is out. Think it's due to screen resolution/szie. My soft keys well also playing up. I could not connect to Navigate either. Hopefully these little bugs can be sorted. Still I admire all your work and efforts, well done :unsure:
  15. electricdel

    [ROM] Android 2.3 For Racer Ready

    This is great, thanks to all who made it happen :unsure:

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