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  1. Hi ive been having trouble trying to figure this out so ill try to give the most details i can Phone stuck on HTC logo screen Vision Pvt Ship S-off hboot-0.82.0000 MICROP-0425 RADIO= eMMc-boot I can enter clockworkmod recovery , upon enter i get the following errors E:can't mount /cache/recover/command E:can't open /cache/recovery/log E:can't mount /cache/recover/log E:can't mount /cache/recover/last_log E:can't open /cache/recover/last_log and pretty much most of the things i do in CWM recover those errors come up Cant mount format anything but the sdcard in CWM was getting help from http://forum.cyanoge...2/page__st__120 but couldnt seem to find a solution How i got this is the first place i dont know my gps was not working so i rebooted my phone then it got stuck in boot loop cyanogen. so i tried again boot loop . i wipe factory setting install nightly 38 , i didnt intall gapps so i reboot install gapps , i attemp to sync my google account,....... boot loop.......... i try to wipe data and everything and cant
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