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  1. so, what's the last working nightly? 03/03 ?
  2. just arrived ... it's white :( you can check here: http://imgur.com/uhodg,NGCPV#0 (anyway amazon.co.uk it's the only place that deliver outside UK, i bought it from italy where vodafone IT sells the g300 at 200€ :| )
  3. i've bought one from amazon and it's been dispatched 7 hours ago.. delivery estimate: 18 July 2012 i will post again if no one answers before me
  4. from the viber website: http://helpme.viber.com/index.php?/Knowledgebase/Article/View/100/0/cant-download-from-android-market i don't know about skype, it works for me
  5. great work tilal! what are the last features lacking now? it's everything ok but wifi thetering and fm radio?
  6. is audio routing (for sip calls ) fixed with this kernel?
  7. Since this is the easiest way how to install a custom rom why wouldn't you create a script for the Swedish spring or/and the jellyfish too? ..that way, it'd be a lot easier to test them

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