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  1. I use Liquid A1 every day for 2 years. Because there are many custom roms, I could extend the life of my A1. But I know that the A1 is too slow for ICS. So I want to buy one of the new Acer devices. Which device do you recommend for the next liquid? Which one do you expect to have such a many custom roms? Cloud Mobile Liquid Glow Liquid Gallant Duo Liquid Gallant Liquid Z1 or nothing ?
  2. I changed my SD to SUMSUNG class 10, but the UI was still quite slow with the swap partition. But after the factory reset, I found that the UI works so smoothly! So, installing applications one after , I tried to check what cause the slow UI. Finally, I found that the cause was Facebook!!! Sign-in to facebook make the UI quite slow, and clearing its data, the UI comes back to work so smoothly.
  3. I use the 2GB micro sd that came with my liquid A1 and partitioned 256MB swap and 256MB ext2. First I installed this ROM into my Liquid A1, I enabled the swap. But the UI was quite slow. After I disabled the swap, the UI turned to be smoother. Now, my A1 works fine without the swap. But the 2nd post recommends the swap partition for the better experience, Does anyone know to get the better experience with the swap parition?
  4. I installed CM7.2RC1 and tested SIP calls ( just the SIP in settings -> Call Settings -> "internet call settings".) It connects, I get ringtone, but when receiver picks up there's no sound. The receiver on his end also hears noting as same as Liquid Next 1.9.2. In LeoGingerBread's Liquid Edition 5.0, the SIP works perfectly but the battery drain is terrible. Does anyone know how to fix or mix these roms ?
  5. Google Talk doesn't work on Gingerounay 3.0.1.
  6. Following page shows how to repair your liquid mini. http://androidpt.com/forum/index.php?option=com_kunena&func=view&catid=159&id=215132&Itemid=61 (in Portuguese)
  7. When I take a picture at outside, the picture is always complete white in Gingerounay 1.2. Does anyone have same problem?
  8. I think V3.20 can connect only IEE802.11g, not IEEE802.11n. I hope the next version supports IEEE802.11n.
  9. Please try hard reset. Then your liquid will come back. Read: http://www.hardreset.eu/acer_s120_liquid_m...t_reset_en.html
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