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  1. try my kernel published yesterday if works....if works then my sources works also for you...and i can get UTG for you in next releases
  2. hi guys...Greets from Italy! :D i've builded this kernel for getting optimal performances with my acer liquid glow. This can be used with Stock rom and with Vache's glowing liquid rom. HOWEWER , SINCE THAT SOME USERS REPORTED THAT VACHE'S KERNEL(LIKE ME) DOESNT' WORK ON SOME DEVICES, DO A NANDROID BACKUP WITH CWM RECOVERY FIRST. Flash this .zip with recovery This is the changelog for v3 there are a lot of patches that i don't remember unfortunately but kernel have great performances
  3. nope...it isn't that...that function check only if your processor is single or dual-core....but it works only if you have a dual core and add some special routines.....haveyou tried my kernel using msm7627a-perf-defconfig?? on my phone it works good...
  4. my sources are up https://github.com/lupohirp/Acer_Liquid_Glow_Kernel
  5. ok i've resolved wifi problems....but when screen goes off phone is dead and doesn't worked anymore...must pull out battery for start another time...any suggestions?? EDIT: NO MATTER I HAVE RESOLVED THIS ERROR FINALLY!!!!WE HAVE A FULL BOOTING KERNEL NOW!!!!BUT WHAT A CRAP THESE SOURCES!!! even lg's sources was better than these....i will upload all my code on github....BUT A HUGE THANKS GOES TO VACHE :)
  6. you can use dmesg from adb kernel logs stopped when i press the on/off button....for wifi it says that system can't load module.....i had similar problems with p500 when i was workin' at cm9 and i remembered that i compiled kernel with android ndk toolchain instead of linaro (also i had big sizes of module with ndk)....later i will try to recompile with linaro and codesourcery
  7. DON'T disable msm_smd....we have a mtd device here....without that sdcard could be not work although a request for vache....which .ko modules are needed for glow to boot??? EDIT: GREAT NEWS!!! I HAVE FINALLY A BOOTING KERNEL!!!!...ok now i have problem with sleep and with wifi that doesn't power on :( in other words when i press lockscreen phone doesn't power up anymore. seems a .ko modules....i've seen that dimension of my modules are too big compared to vache's custom_kernel.zip....vache did you stripped the modules??if yes...how did you that??
  8. problem is that after compile kernel....i've replaced the zImage and it doesn't work even with official acer sources. there's something wrong with some devices but ramdisk is the same of custom_kernel.zip (and that kernel works on all devices). vache did you have source of custom_kernel.zip? sources of your github doesn't worked :(
  9. thanks resolved, compiled but can't boot....which toolchain have you used???
  10. thanks!! have you had problems with compile? like Warray-bounds or missing headers in sources?
  11. hi vache i'm an experencied developer for android devices and i 've received a liquid glow and i want to build a custom kernel. which config you have selected for start compile?thnx:)
  12. i't s impossible: deep sleep is fixed now. install cpu spy and control yourself. have you wiped all??are you using interactivex governor?maybe you have an app that is doing weird job?
  13. Releaseddd :D in addition to rpevoius changelog: fixed weird lightsensor FIXED DEEP SLEEP ISSUESSS!!! optimized libs in kernel always WIPE AND DON'T USE INTERACTIVEX GOVERNOR USE SMARTASSV2 INSTEAD!!!OTHERWISE IT WILL DON'T WORK!!! download:https://hotfile.com/dl/175845924/8104ac1/salsa-ota-eng.lupohirp.zip.html
  14. ok guys good news: deep sleep is fixed but i'm testing it before release :) if all goes ok tomorrow i will release rom :)
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