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  1. WOW! keep on with the project mate! it would be awesome to have this on our vega's...
  2. I share your opinion, i always check this thread for new things but since the devs are busy, i've been waiting for simple users updates. In tabletrom --> http://tabletroms.com/forums/vega-rom-development/3084-%5Brom%5D-honey-ice.html aero is doing a great job!, always giving credits to newbe5 and all the devs behind Vegacomb
  3. I'm one of those waiting for the PEAP fix, its a shame that i can't connect to wifi on my university. Anyway, i left a message on the kernel release topic and it seems ejtagle(eduardo) has updated the wifi, lets see if the next update of Vegacomb we are getting PEAP working correctly =\
  4. Cass67 told me about wpa_suplicant, and thanks to him i know a little bit about it, just confirmed everything i know, looking at the link you gave me. The problem was that Vegacomb was not saving correctly the 2nd authentification phase (i use MVSCHAP V2) and (of course) it was not saving it on the wpa_supplicant file. Anyway, i will wait until your wifi update gets a ZIP release, because i don't know how to get it on the tablet(maybe is easy, i have basics knowledge of linux), once i get it i will try to fix it with you (if you want to, of course), because i actually have access to EAP networks. Or maybe is already fixed with your new modifications. Well, i have to say, Wifi EAP use to work on Vegacomb 1.7 so, is there anyway i can mix the wifi libraries or the wifi files with Vegacomb 3.2? or we lost compatibilty because Vegacomb 3.2 is on another kernel? P.D: Gracias por todo lo que haces, que sepas que aqui tienes un admirador. Me gustaria poder manejar el SDK de Android como lo dominas tu. Actualmente sé bastante del lenguaje Java y ahora estoy adentrandome en C y Linux (estudio Informatica) , tarde o temprano me gustaria empezar a hacerme mis cositas con el SDK o modificar el kernel o modificar librerias, añadir funciones, etc...
  5. so, we are getting full wi-fi funcionality? I mean, peap connections will be suported? Thanks for your effort P.D: eres español eduardo?
  6. Well, i have to say, today i was looking for 9MM on market, and saw a complaint from a SAMSUNG Galaxy Tab 10.1 user, which who couldn't get 9MM getting working, and he couldn't have a refund. So he was without money and without game. So thats @simonta is what im talking about, paying for a game and not getting it to work, thats the only think i really love about iPad and iOS devices...
  7. Hey, i know its unfair for the devs of the game if we have this for free, but personally i don't want to spend money on apk versions which won't load, or won't work ok, or force closes all the time. I think making roms and getting apks for free its not in the same way. Vegacomb its totally free, while N.O.V.A 2 or Backstab or those games are not free.
  8. Hey, can you PM me Backstab HD, 9MM HD and Nova 2 Hd links? or the APK names. Im almost sure you can post the APK names right over here
  9. WOW! thanks... damn it!! I would like to try it but yesterday i installed Corvus5 SP1 because of the lack of Enterprise Wifi on vegacomb :(
  10. Are you going to check EAP connections too? i would really test any kind of fixes... i just want you devs to get that working... :P if not, could yo please check it :) :P
  11. Wow, that looks great. I will try the pairing tool for PC but i think it will need bluetooth for sure :( anyway i will be confirming it later ;)
  12. ok no problem, dont worry huge thanks!
  13. I've tried many times by cable and on bluetooth the vega wouldnt find it. Anyway, if you could please teach me how, i would configure some pads for me but maybe also for people and we can get them to the official ROM ;)
  14. hey could you try configuring ps3 controller? or just explain how :P it would be awesome to try it...
  15. Ok, gonna get it with root explorer and send it back to you in an hour or so (i cant now), i imagine i can open it like other txt, can i? I connect to the network by previously selecting it from the list, i mean is discoverable. I tried to configure the network from wifi advanced configurator without detecting it and then actually try to connect and nothing... Phase 2 authentication is MSCHAPV2. BTW, when i select to modify the network it doesnt appear filled the phase2 aunthentication type its says none, maybe its no getting well saved...
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