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  1. I've tried this too, but for me, the install did not work. My phone/recovery complains about there being two BIN files and refuses to go on, sets off the vibrating battery and the only solution is to remove the battery and reboot. I'm trying to install GEN1 over a GEN2, and I don't have access to Windows except in a virtual machine and so far that too has been less than successful. I guess I dont really *need* to have this ROM but its become a bit of a mission now.
  2. I need to know how to flash a stock ROM too. I dont have any recovery files, I have put the stock ROM, zipped, on my SD card. How do I get into the standard recovery mode for this phone?
  3. Re flash.. ram... wherever the apps get installed. I moved a bunch to the card, but it didnt help all that much. I dont have root so am unable to do anything with the stock apps. all efforts to root (see my new thread on the issue, just posted) have defeated me.
  4. Can't you get rid of stock apps by using root explorer or similar? Mind you, I've heard that many are tied to the system and it will fall over if you merrily get rid of them all. Thatnks for the advice, though, I'll give it a whirl - do you have a link to vache's post? There seem to be a bazillion recoveries and methods and each thread seems to end up talking about any and all of them and I just get totally bewildered. [edit] Found the post, installed the recovery, cannot seem to get to recovery... Vol up/down, camera, power, right? Damn phone just boots as normal. No errors during the recovery install. [edit #2] Something I did not know. Camera has to be at half press. its all good. I also used the flash method to install SU, because just downloading from the market did not seem to register its existence with the other apps I have. Flashing requires in the first instance to toggle signature verify (disable it) otherwise the flash will not work. I HAVE ROOT!! yay! Thanks again, Scott for setting me on the right path. I have been trawling the forums for a day or two now, and finally have the answer I needed :)
  5. I am becoming increasingly frustrated with the insanity that is the 512mb of space, which is already partially occupied by... something, meaning the actual available install space is minimal. I have not been able to root my phone (failed with z4root, universal androot *and* superoneclick (be grateful if someone has another i havent tried yet) although I have been able to flash it with 2.3.5. Rooting was tried after flashing, which may have been the problem. I dont know. Anyway, my question is this. How to manage the very minimal phone memory available for installing apps, when I don't have root. So few apps that I want can be moved to the SD card. Its just SO frustrating!! Please help if you can.
  6. He's talking about the devices you can list in your profile. I found the same thing, so I had to reduce my Acer descript to LM, and leave out my ZTE entirely.
  7. OK I have now tried z4root 1.3, universal androot 1.6 and superoneclick 2.1.1. None are working to root my phone. I have already flashed it with a new ROM because I wanted to get rid of the Telstra crudware, but I still have very little space and too many apps vying for it, so I need to root so I can get rid of the unwanted Acer apps as well (I know I need to be careful here because some are system-essential). Really... its no wonder I keep going back to my iphone :( I'm trying to keep the stuff I have to do to an absolutel minimum, so I was hoping to avoid recovery and custom ROMs. I'm happy with what I have, I'm just not happy with the lack of RAM
  8. Installed z4root, it stopped working without affecting the phone after I selected temp root, did not request SU permissions and then when I tried to run it again, it crashed. Universal androot doesnt seem to work either. Any other suggestions?
  9. I'm really confused about this. I don't know what the differences are between the various files. Whats AAP, or EMEA? etc... I would be devastated to use the wrong one and stuff up my phone which I only just bought today :) [edit] Persistence pays off. I'm in Australia, therefore I always need Gen2 AAP versions. A comment. Gingerbread might be fabulous and all but it eats massive amounts of what is not much RAM, so I am going to downgrade. Only having 24mb left even after I move a bunch of stuff to the SD card.. just not really worth it for a phone I'll be using as a backup,
  10. Thanks for your response :) OK, thats something, good to know the commands, but I'm not sure what "recovery.img" actually contains. I tried putting recovery manager on the card which was easy enough. However I got an error saying that the file couldnt be parsed when I tried to install it. Recovery manager is a zip, do you just change the extension to .apk? The file manager I use (File Expert) understood that there was an .apk and seemed to try to use that... but failed. I was going to use one of those "mooncake" updates as well but obviously got stopped in my tracks.
  11. I'm quite sure the answer I need could be buried in that other thread, but its too long, not formatted in a way that a human can easily read it (closing the quoted sections would be a start and might help to separate each question from the next), and I just found it really hard to wade through. So here is my question (or rather...questions) 1) Almost all references to recovery, booting, flashing, etc require the use of a PC. I use a Mac, and I don't want to use a PC if it can be avoided. This leads to my next question. 2) Given that I can't use any of the existing pc programs to get stuff onto the SD card, is there some reason I cant just dump everything on the SD card and run it from there? This leads to my next question.. 3) If this is possible, what apps/roms/recovery apps do I need to dump on the card, and what order do I need to "do things" in, and by what method (sorry, three in one...) I have NO idea how to flash anything from the card itself without the intervention of the recovery program. I became quite used to using ROM Manager on the Desire, so the Racer is defeating me, as there does not seem to be a similar app for the racer. I use z4root for a temp root. I'd really appreciate any and all assistance.
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