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  1. no i dont see android ADB interface i dont see android phone even im running win7 all i get when i plug it in is under 'other devices' it sasy APX with a yerllow question mark, im sorry im really getting anoyed at this machine trying to figure it out didnt mean to ask twice :/ i i dont get what you mean by try this in the command promt in the folder where i am running install-windows.bat as when i try to run the windows-install.bat it dosent let me type in the command box :) also i tried right clicking the windows bat file and the command box popped up for a few seconds loads of white script ran down and then the cmd box disapeared again
  2. i cant find adb anywhere i have tried to install the software and i just get daemon started and nothing happens :)
  3. Please help me i have done all the instructions got to the last bit and all i am getting in the command box is this * daemon not running. starting it now on port 5037* *daemon started successfully* and it hasnt changed in the last 10 minutes have i done something wrong or is this normal ? please help getting so frustrated :) Any one please???? i ahve tried to restart the system and nothing happened and its just sitting there on while that daemon things just says started still :)
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