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  1. If it is on orange it will be locked
  2. Dissapointed, I thought you would of helped??? Shame :(
  3. I know you are a busy man but could you drop in and lend a helping hand to try and achieve s-off? http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=1604300
  4. Paul, will there ever be a way to unlock the bootloader without going through htcdev or am I just wainting for false hopes? Also is the root without unlocked bootloader a total no go now in your opinion or do you think this also may be possible in future?
  5. I have downloaded 3 kitchens and none of them have had the screen lock on, can someone post an .apk of it???
  6. is Paul still going to dedicate somemore of his time to the Lg o2x as there is very little from him in the past month/s in this section, I think the ICS has moved him away to the better devices, maybe he'll be back when ICS is avaliable for ours??????? Hope so Im due an upgrade in 5 months, so I'll be going for a Quadcore anyway
  7. Thanks mate ;) Q. how do do you go about removing the OTA udate thing that hogs the memory in ya phone?
  8. Wow THANKYOU........................................:D Can we add custom kernels to these????
  9. Ifound a link for the cwm flash of the v20L http://www.4shared.com/get/DnhuVtUU/p990_EUR-xx_signed_v20l.html Dont know if im aloud to post this, so if not please remove and MY BAD :P
  10. [ ETA on the Uploading prerooted and prerooted+deodexed V20L :rolleyes: Sorry but Im so impatient................................................
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