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  1. Settings --> More... (Under Wireless and Networks) --> Tethering --> USB tethering.
  2. I've heard people out there have managed to port Chrome to Armv6 devices running ICS. So that's always worth a look.
  3. Go into the app drawer and touch&hold on an app you want to create a shortcut for. It'll let you place it on the homescreen where you feel like it. Go into the app drawer, at the top of the screen, there's a section called "Widgets". Click that. Now scroll through all the widgets available on your phone. Touch & hold the one you want and it'll let you place it on whichever homescreen you want. Oh. And the design brief in ICS was "KILL THE DAMN MENU BUTTON!". So now you just have to press and hold on things to find new functionality. Newer Android phones (except Samsung) now don't have the menu button because of this. Older phones with a menu button will still work and function the same though. Are you using an app like Link2SD? The storage size reported by Android won't increase just because you've made a partition on your sd card for apps and the like. Personally I prefer to just use Android's built in app2sd functionality. With a small setting change in adb, you can move any app to the sd card. And you don't need to partition the sd card either.
  4. Please do as suggested again with the wiping of the battery stats. Wipe battery status once the phone is at 100%. Then leave it on. Don't even touch the phone if you can help it. If you can't... Keep usage down to a minimum and wait until the phone dies off completely (That's 0% charge left, and the phone is switching itself off) After this charge it overnight, or at least six hours. This way you'll know that your phone can now read the battery levels more accurately than before. Other than that... Change all push email settings to sync every few hours (rather than instantly, or multiple times in one hour). Make sure you've not got any applications running in the background ("Check "Apps" in Settings, Facebook is a total bitch for this). Turn off GPS and automatic account syncing. If you don't need the faster network connections (through your phone's network) then go into the Mobile Network settings and turn on "Only use 2G networks". This will suffice for Whatsapp and any other instant messaging app you use. Also... If you're using CM9 (or CM7/any rom that's based on cm7)... Go into the Performance section in settings, and set your CPU to the following: Governor: Smartass v2 Min frequency: 122MHz Max Freq: 902Mhz. Download an app on the play store called "CPU Spy" (Don't open it) and then let your phone idle on the homescreen (With all apps closed) for about 20 minutes. After this, open up CPU Spy and check for a state called "Deep Sleep" and how long it has been active for. If it's not there, check under the "unused states" for it. If it's unused, you should try flashing C3CO's kernel for your version of Cyanogenmod. Deep sleep essentially turns everything off when the phone is idling. In one night I lose 0% battery. Sometimes just 1%. At least... This is how I have my phone set up. I can get a good 2 days worth out of it.
  5. Uploaded the CM9 version to drop box for you. https://www.dropbox....ICS-boot-18.zip
  6. Have to say... From the screenshots this rom looks f****** gorgeous. Downloading.
  7. The point is the HD2 can run WM6.5, Android (any version Froyo+), WP7, Meego, Ubuntu, Windows 95, 98 and XP. It doesn't meet the requirements for WP7 to run (Too many buttons, of all things) yet it still runs it. I've even heard it runs better than the WP7 devices with 1GHz processors! Now if only my HD7 was just as capable. :(
  8. What happens when you do a tpt to your phone? Return it to the stock rom and see if there's any problems then? Please note: You'll lose everything on your phone when performing a tpt.
  9. deleted. Sometimes when I get really irritated by something I just do whatever without thinking. Sorry.
  10. No they changed the name in the recent one. I think it's now phonesky.apk? Also, @deepvoyce... Can you explain what you mean? I can't understand what you said?
  11. The HD2 would like to show you otherwise.
  12. Hey guys, To preserve my contacts/text messages when flashing various roms to my monte carlo, I've backed them up to .csv files on my sd card. I was wondering if you guys know of a way I can restore from these files with the latest ColdFusionX build? The SMS backup & restore app on the Play store only seems to recognise .xml files unfortunately. Thanks for any suggestions :)
  13. I did the exact same thing before and was all confused. For this reason I use the 200MB system partition with 35MB cache. Never had a problem since. Let us know how it all goes :)
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