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  1. Hi Go over to XDA and in the Nexus 7 development thread download Wugfresh's Nexus toolkit and use it to revert to stock, then do the ota update. That is what I did. Stransky
  2. Hi Paul When I first tried to download r12 via the kitchen the download speed was as previously, very very slow. So I left it for a couple of hours and made another attempt, on this occasion the download stopped and flipped me to the subscription selection screen. I tried again late last night and the same thing occurred. So I downloaded Jr18 direct to my Nexus 7with no problems. So it would appear the problem must lie with my PC, maybe malware, although AVG reports a clean bill of health. Oldbarzo
  3. Hi For some reason which I reported on previously, I am unable to download from the Kitchen, so I have installed the Jr 18 pre-bake while I attempt to discover why I am having problems with the Kitchen bakes. Oldbarzo
  4. Hi Anybody have a problem downloading the r12 Kitchen bake. Every tme I try it is reverting to the subscription screen and I am already Ad Free. Stransky
  5. Hi Paul Thanks for your reply. Downloaded and installed.. Working well with no problems using Franco 56 Kernal. Download took 15 mins but no hiccups as previously. Don't quite understand why I had so low rates but alls well that ends well. Oldbarzo
  6. Hi This is ridiculous. Just tried to download r11 again and showing 3 hours+ required. Download speed showing 20Kb/s. Have not had any problems downloading before from the Kitchen. Also not getting the same problem from XDA, just downloaded a RAZRi rom from there to test in case my Broadband was at fault and no problems with speed. Paul, anyone any ideas what could be causing this. I am on Virgin Media BB 60 using their Super Hub (Netgear I believe). Oldbarzo
  7. Hi Tried again just this past minute and still the same. Reporting 1hr 30mins as download time. Speed registering no higher than 61Kb/s. Oldbarzo
  8. HI Paul Been trying to download from Kitchen prebake since you announced r11 but very slow and several times now it has frozen mid-way through. I never had any problems like this previously. Any ideas greatly appreciated. Oldbarzo. Edit: This is impossible. I am getting a miserable 35 - 42 Kb/s download speed from Modaco Kitchen and already have one aborted mid-way through. Have just cancelled another attempt with the same download speeds. Will try again later or tomorrow and see if it is any better. Never had any problems downloading previous iterations of Kitchen pre-bakes.
  9. Hi Ged Now have to be set in Development in settings.(Advanced Boot option) Oldbarzo
  10. Hi scanno If those are the min requirements how come that it is being released first on the Nexus 7, which has only 1GB Memory or are they referring to Nand storage instead of Ram. Stransky
  11. Hi Paul Just installed r6 Kitchen bake and no problems. Everything working well. Oldbarzo
  12. Hi Paul Just downloaded r4 baked in kitchen and installed. Everything working well as far as I can tell. No problems with the upgrade went very smoothly. Thank you. Oldbarzo
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