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  1. Yes i did but i was using the free trial version I did not pay for the unlock so im not sure if it shows any different i thought i would see what it was like before buying it.
  2. Does smart keyboard pro support old style 12 key predictive text input with user dictionary you can add new words to it please? I tried downloading better keyboard 8 and could not get the t9 keyboard to show only the QWERTY Keyboard
  3. Thanks I will give it a go. Good to know a fellow racer user has actually used it. Andrew :)
  4. So is this Android 2.2 fully working? Is it safe to use as i dont wish to brick my phone. Does the predictive text system inc user dictionary work in 2.2 as i cant get it to work properly in 2.1. Thanks Andrew
  5. I have ZTE Racer on 3 network. I purchased this recently as it looked a good phone but when i started to use it the phone defaulted to QWERTY mode for texting. I have tried setting the phone to 12 key keypad which appears when it feels like it and when it does it does not access the User Dictionary which you can add words to but the keypad texting does not seem to see the added words. Can anyone advise me what im doing wrong to get the 12 key keypad texting option to work as QWERTY is not my favourite way of texting. I have tried installing handcent but this does not recognise the phone User Dictionary either. Anyone with a ZTE Racer who is using an alternative Keyboard from android market that works for 12 key predictive texting which adds to the ZTE user dictionary can you please advise what your using. Cheers. All help is most appreciated. Andrew
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