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  1. would be very gratefull if anyone could make it work for our omc's would be brilliant
  2. would love to have this game working on our skate it looks amazing on other mobile devices if anyone could port it it would be brilliant like whoever ported temple run if they could port this it will be amazing
  3. im gonna try and make a cm9 flash player when i get time im gonna get android sdk and a apk editor and have a go see what happens or try somethink with the current arm v6 flash player
  4. i now what will make this rom amazing adobe flash player if only we could recompile arm v7 version for ics to arm v6 that would be quality
  5. sorry frankish wont let me upload says file size too big but thankfully plegdroid beat me to it
  6. cm9 softkeys dont work when i flash via cwm recovery miss the softkeys, comes up when flashed android updating then display's a weird percentage thing then reboots help please
  7. if i can recall did tilal say earlier in the week that there might be an update at the weekend
  8. thanks for all of your replies very helpful my omc is now unlocked to any network
  9. rooted phone clockworkmod installed i follow instructions to the guide to unlock orange monte carlo doesnt work
  10. tried volume down button then connecting usb to phone does not come up ftm mode please help
  11. my favourite apps are cyanogenmod 9 music player and headset icon youtube
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