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  1. as if the sgs2 needs to be any faster :D
  2. I had the LG2X for a few weeks. In that time I got enough of black screens, reboots, lags and much more severe, exceptionally bad reception in low signal areas and a stunningly bad battery management. Every rom I tried did only help partially. I moved to the SGS2 and tbh, its a different league. I fully enjoy it. It runs fully smooth in all circumstances, has a lot of value and yes its plastic, but its weight and form factor is so ridicolously awesome, I love it. LG fully badword up this release and tbh, Ill never ever buy again a LG. My first impression of that company in regard of mobile phones is too severely damaged.
  3. someone here posted an answer from LG Support Russia stating that there is a battery drain issue in the rom. this suggests that it is not just bad reading of data. its just consuming way too much power. e.g. with stock or the FR roms I have up to 50% battery drain on standby. with CM7 that was around 20%. so whatever is being adjusted, it will not fix the problem. that most likely needs a complete new rom (CM7) or a fix from LG directly (Gingerbread, they wont spend time on this mess here) some people state that they dont have a battery problem at all. if thats the case, then it might be affecting some production units only. on this forum you mostly find those who have a problem, not those who dont. just finished configuring FR12, nearly like the phone again :unsure:
  4. I agree, FR12 was "best". Im about to install that again. I tried them all and even all CM7. But Im giving up, I put my phone on sell. Either Ill sell it (for 2/3 of what it cost me) or Ill update to gingerbread when it eventually comes out. Also it doesnt get any love from Paul, he is now fixed on SGSII, not that I could blame him :-)
  5. FR14 froze when I tried to open android.modaco.com on the stock browser. trying to shut it off the device began constantly to vibrate. had to remove battery. never had such a shutdown with any previous FR versions. seems unstable. had to downgrade.
  6. if the battery indicator does not update, is it dangerous to charge it over night? does the battery now get overcharged and killed? i mean how should the device know when its full??
  7. its in this thread, the rom named Swisscom http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread...19#post12890619
  8. out of curiosity I installed the original stock rom again. well at least the original file from the main competitor of my service provider. not the smartest thing I did since I have now a branded phone, hehe, but I couldnt bother with downloading another 680mb. well to my BIG surprise, the stock rom from that provider runs terribly smooth. nothing is laggy. at least not more laggy than with any other rom i tried. that surprised me a lot to be honest.... clearly miles faster than the stock rom I had on the device when I bought it. kinda strange ....
  9. I agree with most of what you are saying. the stock is not slow per se but the GUI seemed to me more laggy so I tried a custom rom. the GUI feels smoother on the custom rom. I guess whatever devs like paul will and can do, in the end we will need to wait for gingerbread and hold our fingers crossed that LG had enough time to optimise it.
  10. install lag isnt completely fixed. just installed quadrant and the installation froze the phone a couple of seconds. i guess it cannot be made completely lag-free with that lg work quadrant score went down to 3000 from 3200 with FR13 compared to FR12. but that shouldnt care at all. overall i dont feel it to be smoother. FR12 worked as good as this latest update.
  11. Hi im back on the FR12 modaco rom as its working better than all others. with this rom i have less battery drain than with the other custom roms. i have installed tho the latest exp kernel and the +20mb ram fix. just noticed tho that i am unable to send a file (video or picture) using smart share. the option simply does not show up in the gallery. i can use smartshare to stream from my computer to my mobile phone. but i cannot stream from my mobile phone to my computer/tv. never had that, always worked fine. anyone an idea what could cause that half-way missing feature? thx
  12. Looking for the february baseband. Can anyone point me to the right direction? Could only find the march and april baseband. Id like to downgrade. Having too much battery drain with april baseband and FR12. Also, where is a good FR10 rom? Can only find the latest versions. Thx
  13. Hi I noticed that the different roms have quite different battery usage. An older modaco rom for example used 70% of my battery within 7 hours while doing pretty much nothing with the phone. To track this a little better Id like to start a thread where people can upload their battery usage from a day. This would give a better understanding of the different roms in terms of power consumption and a fairly good overview of how long the 2X can last under specific usage. So to make a start I have attached my tracking of the Fear Edition 5.2 FR12 Modaco rom. I have tried to describe as detailed as possible what I did with the device. Id be glad if you could also track one of your days and post your experience. thx Additional Info: Baseband Version 1035.21_20110405 Kernel Version Build Number FRG83G LGE Version 20/4-11 MoDaCo FR12 Fear Edition 5.2 NEXT tracking will happen with [ROM][16/4-11]TK-ROM Vanilla + LG = true. v0.5.7 (Fr12)
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