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  1. 180 MB is enoughf for ROM, gapps and modified hosts file (I use AdAway for this purpose).
  2. Is the project totally dead? There is a version CyanMobile-eXperience-Blade-20130312 here: http://pan.baidu.com/share/link?shareid=418475&uk=404474278
  3. From my experience with Root Box (Updated 3/8/13): Screen keys don't work for me. Sometimes I can see them, but they are too small to make me be able to hit them (attentively see the bottom of the picture) - fixed - thanks to schafler S2E installed, there is EXT partition available, but any data can't be moved - fixed, installed Fixed-INT2EXT+_android-4.2.zip Some apps are closing spontaneously, even widgets! Statusbar disappears wit epanded desktop. Notification Drawer can freeze (it is partially opened and I can't do anything pulling up or down) Nevertheless the idea is certainly good, there are many cool stuff, but there are some issues with my device.
  4. It's a pity, but today my smartphone has already made near 10 spontaneous reboots. I didn't use overclocking (CPU settings min: 245 MHz, max: 604 MHz, governor smartass V2). So I think that current ROM release is not stable enough. Thanks, zeelog, I've had plenty enough fun with HALO and PIE. Thats are really cool staff, but it seems to me that Blade is too slow for them.
  5. Your combination works! I set nav. bar on 50 % (after that my wallpaper changed back to stock), then disabled Pie, and I have got the Navigation Bar.
  6. And I want to ask contrariwise - how to enable Navigation Bar? There is the appropriate section in Settings - ROM control, but I cannot make Navigation Bar visible. Is it a bug, or it might happen because of Pie active?
  7. The downloading is extremely slow (my download manager predicts a 2 hours process). Is there a possibility to make a download-mirror ?
  8. I have an issue when switching internet connection from WiFi to Cellural EDGE/GPRS. I switch WiFi off, but my Internet connection don't start use GPRS immediately. To make GPRS alive I found workaround. In phone "Settings" I go to "Mobile networks"section and choosy my Cell operator. GPRS revives at the same moment. Is it normal behavior for GPRS?
  9. Amphoras, I tried just to install Circle Battery Mod from your link on my cm_blade_full-106 and my OSF didn't want to boot no more ;) Thus I didn't make backup for a long time :rolleyes: I decided to flash your rom without any wipe, & it seems to me that it was successfull :) I flashed CyanoComb-v1.zip then Circle Battery Mod.zip & all this stuff successfully installed. I have all my all soft installed, only some widgets gone (I think because I used GO_Launcher_EX and LauncherPro erased incompatible things). So unexpectedly I'm tasting your ROM now :rolleyes:
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