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  1. I would ask ejtagle... It would be nice to have the same table he has... :)
  2. partner2


    I know it will sound a bit silly, but change the order to enter nvflash: 1 - Unplug the tablet from the main and the computer 2 - Plug to the main (left the computer unplugged) 3 - Presh back and hold it until the end of the process 4 - Plug to the computer 5 - Wait some seconds (5 or so, more than 2 anyway) 6 - Release back button 7 - Try nvflash This worked for me and a couple of guys from tabletroms. Good luck
  3. Yes! Thanks! It works in honeycomb. I'll make a zip for honeyice.
  4. Probably the date and/or the time has lost. It also happened to me.
  5. Yes, we'll probably have ICS. But we must wait the source code to be released
  6. No, it's not supposed to happen :-) . Thanks for reporting it. I will try to fix it in the next version.
  7. You can find the wallpapers application here: http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=1297726
  8. partner2

    Theme help

    He is talking about the honeycomb theme for corvus, not the ics theme for vegacomb. Those are diferent themes for diferent roms. The ics theme will not work with corvus rom and the honeycomb theme will not work with vegacomb.
  9. Here we go [again] :D! This is a Ice Cream Sandwich theme for Vegacomb 9n update 3 (I think it should work in 9b, but I didn't test it). It changes: Modified framework-res (from sdk) Modified SystemUI app (statusbar icons, from sdk). NEW Fixed selected buttons (thanks juancaretta for reporting) Roboto Font (Including the clock, from sdk) NEW ICS themed clock. It's the default clock, but with ICS graphics. The old clock application is not included any more, as it didn't integrated with alarms. Anyway, if you installed the 1.0 version, the old clock will not be deleted. You can delete it through root explorer ICS boot animation NEW ICS UI sounds NEW ICS alarms, ringtones and notifications (installed in the SD card, so it will no waste our precious system space) You can download the Ice Cream Sandwich wallpapers from here: http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=1297726 Use CWM recovery to install it. But, please, do a backup of all your apps before installing, I won't be responsible of any damage ;) If you like it, please buy a beer to TeamNewCo. You can use this theme as a base for your own themes but, please, if you do it give me some credit ;) Multiupload.com - upload your files to multiple file hosting sites!
  10. Ok, talk doesn't crash now. I can ear the sound, but no image is captured (only my avatar shown in the other client). http://pastebin.com/vdwdt0pR Default camera application now takes the entire image. And eCamera still takes 1M photos BTW Thank you all for your great work. Wish I have time to learn something just to help
  11. partner2


    What rom are you using?
  12. With this lib, using the default camera app, whe I take a photo only the upper-left quarter of the image is saved (the previous lib produces the same effect). eCamera works fine, and saves the entire image. And sadly talk video chat is still not working. http://pastebin.com/53qEgejB
  13. It can be done, no doubt. But I would wait until the releases get more stable. Just think that you'd need to do it for every release...
  14. first advice. Install the build 7 Now seriously. Look at this thread: http://android.modaco.com/topic/345375-updating-vega-109-rom-to-vegacomb/ And now even more seriously, you should have used the search button
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