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  1. I so want a 3d printer but i can't justify buying it when i have other unused stuff laying around ie arduino etc :-(
  2. Not worried about battery or processor (Only a little bit faster) but is the IPS screen a lot better than the 620's screen? Going to play with them at O2 trw but what's your thoughts? thanks
  3. Whats better this or the Huawei Ascend W1? Both £129.99 at the moment
  4. I'm 6ft 3" tall, lol. And currently have a rooted and booted ZTE Skate
  5. I was running the ICS ROM and thought i'd come back this, so i flashed the v4 ROM and the 2 zip's above. I got an error when turning WiFi on is this because i did everything in one go? as everyone else has WiFi working? I have just flashed on the ROM and it's running great and battery life in fine, so do i need the 2 zip files? Thanks James
  6. TweakDeck :-) https://market.android.com/details?id=com.modaco.thedeck.android.app&feature=search_result#?t=W251bGwsMSwxLDEsImNvbS5tb2RhY28udGhlZGVjay5hbmRyb2lkLmFwcCJd
  7. Is everyone else running this ROM have high battery drain? I lost 30% over night. Battery usage seems to be cell standby mostly, no complaining as it's nice to have ICS on my OMC :-) J
  8. Thanks, are you planning a new download soon or should i go with the 06/01/12 release? Thanks again James
  9. Hi all, Before i give this ROM a go can someone explain the flash procedure? I've insalled ROM's on my OMC & Desire before that, but it doesn't make sense. FLASH ORDER - EVEN IF YOU ALREADY HAVE THIS ROM INSTALLED: ROMWipe dataRebootBack into recovery Google AppsReboot So, i put the ROM on the SD card, flash it as normal (Do i need to do the 3 wipes?) then i choose wipe data? (doesn't this remove the ROM?) then do I reboot into the ROM (i.e. get the set up screen) or just reboot recovery? then flash G apps and reboot. Thanks James
  10. OK it's stright forward from here really. I assume you have the bootanimation.zip file (named correctly) ready to copy? If your using the newest version of ES file explorer, firstly press menu and settings, then scroll to the bottom and tick both bottom boxes (you will have a warning come up) click back until you are at the folders. You can now copy to the system area. To get to the system/media folder first click the favourites button and the / (the phone icon), next scroll down to system click it and then media. Now the copied bootanimation.zip file should be in a draw at the bottom of the screen open it and paste it in to the system/media folder. When you reboot you should see your new bootanimation :) James
  11. Thanks for the tips so far, now here's a question. Say i want to edit a launchers appearance, would i open the apk in winrar then go to res/drawable-hdpi and edit the png files. but how would i go about applying these changes? just re-install the launcher apk or does it have to be done through CWM? Sorry for all the questions :) James
  12. Have you tried doing the 3 wipes and flashing the ROM again? J
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