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  1. Yea I had Bluetooth, mobile internet, WiFi and even GPS off. Wierdiest thing! Left it off unplugged yesterday, and now the battery seems fine even after using WiFi for a good portion of time. Got home and I was still on 70 percent.... I have no idea what's changed but thanks for the help BlueMoonRising
  2. Six hour day at work and I'm 30 percent. ICS is a hell of a lot better than GB but if the battery doesn't last then there is no point. Please anyone, help!
  3. I'm really concerned about the battery since the update. I used to work a full 9 - 5 day with mild use, some music playing and a few phone calls and I'd be on 70 percent minimum. After a full charge last night, a half hour walk listening to music and hardly any other use I got home with only 15 percent battery. If anyone has any suggestions on how to optimise or anything else to improve battery that would be muchly appreciated. Its driving me crazy!
  4. Completely stoked on ICS. One thing I've found is battery seems to eat up a little bit quicker (I'm talking maybe 10-15 Percent less than gingerbread). Loving the whole experience though. I finally feel like im back up to date with a current OS
  5. As a recent updatee ;) I can confirm that; Adult swim, Netflix, Bbc iplayer now all work. Also one of the prettiest games out there Dead Trigger runs beautifully (for the first level atleast which is all I played)
  6. About to give this a go...... wish me luck
  7. Gonna wait a couple of days for the orange one I recon before becoming to impatient and xolo'in the fudge out of my OSD. Need ICS
  8. I honestly can't wait. I'm sick of gingerbread. I bought this phone the first day it was out expecting (foolishly) for an update in about two weeks. I even had ICS on my old zte blade. Fingers crossed that its this month :-$
  9. You have to purchase asphalt through the wap site by going to gameloft in your browser from ur phone. Modern warfare and uno are both on there aswell
  10. That annoyed me aswell. I went to buy GTA 3 when it was 69p (a steal tbh) but it wasnt there.i did email rockstar about that and i do however have it anyway. havent played that on my tv yet.
  11. Its really smooth. Its crazy how good games and films look on your tv from you 4inch phone. I made a bad quality video which gives you a sort of idea. bare in mind its alot smoother than it appears but i have no good camera and little bother about making it look 'top notch'.
  12. 27th June update has fixed mass effect. Only played for about five minutes but works very well andf seems smooth
  13. Not sure if it does but I've always used Sound Hound. Does the same thing and that works flawlessly. Hope that helps
  14. I am not a hacker or programmer, nor do i pretend to be, but i found this. Does anyone understand what this means?
  15. Gameloft have released three games optimized for x86. Asphalt 6 HD Uno HD, and Modern Combat 2: Black Pegasus HD You can find them by going to gameloft on your Orange San Diego
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