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  1. if we would have a leak, as sony erricsson, htc and samsung do, we would have various roms too)
  2. yeah, i'm trying to find out the RIL problem(calls and sms) for now, cause this is the most important part..
  3. checked both kernels from sources and i must say - it is possible...maybe without some drivers working for the first time, but it is possible..
  4. thanks theguv! ok, i'll try to in my free time.
  5. Hello my friends! Maybe we should cooperate and try to port .36 kernel to our device? I think if we bring it we would increase our chances to get CM9 faster. I suggest to use su880 as main source, cause it's LG, it's tegra 2 and some drivers are the same... What do you think?
  6. no luck with this at all((((so many time wasted...i'm stoping this for now, cause i have some exams now to pass, so i'll continue my attempts in case if anyone won't achieve the victory with this stuff in front of me) if any one are working - you can PM me and i will help you. CU!
  7. Almost ready to compile very alpha version of kernel), system is compiled though
  8. wait for a few days, guys) this man faced the same errors in boot and didn't fight em. so let me manage to fight them. soon i will tell you what i approached.
  9. no eta, it's really hard cause in most cases phone doesnt even comes to the moment of connection to a pc, so i can't chech any log. its like lotery without sources) so let's hope i will succed
  10. this is what i 've been needed)
  11. nothing new to me - it's just usual sdk port
  12. no, there is an APPS dump from Galaxy nexus, not a whole rom... i think that these days someone will make a dump and i will continue...
  13. damn, apperently need a dump from the phone, cause the are some probs with booting..serious probs... and i honestly little tired of assembling and disassembling my phone everyday to pull out battery. So, i will continue when a phone dump will be available(like from galaxy nexus) CU!
  14. i finally made boot path through an exec error) now i trying to figure out some errors, but they are just nothing comparing to what i hae passed) just wait, i will let you know!
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