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  1. Please clarify; which android version are you using, what is themed/replaced, what works/doesn't work, maybe couple of screenshots, etc... Look at this for a perfect example:
  2. When I go to themes and click an image there to go fullscreen, the themes crash. Everything else works just perfectly except for the obvious video playback issues. Great work, by far the best MIUI rom seen yet on the blade in my opinion :D
  3. Is it as simple as flashing the /system folder to your phone, or would it take some adjustments(i.e. tilal wil have to implement it)?
  4. I just had the same problem today. Replacing the digitiser, the cable must've gotten into a weird bend and had a cut in it. When I was disassembling the phone it completely got cut off, so now I'm stuck with one piece the cable stuck to the screen and other half(with the motherboard connector) just loose. Don't know how to fix this. Edit: sorry, misread your posts & understood your digitiser wasn't working. My bad.
  5. Thanks for responding to my post :) Can't give beta 6 a try now, but I will tomorrow/later. As for the number of releases, I don't think anyone could complain about them :D
  6. Great job, but is it possible to fix the 'slugginess' in the launcher/lockscreen/settings when scrolling? Every MIUI rom has the issue, and mostly the lockscreen & launcher (sort of) lag are preventing me from using this as a daily rom. If not possible, still a great rom nevertheless, certainly stable and for me the best MIUI rom out there for the blade, but for now I'm staying with my trusty SS7
  7. Show some respect. Don't think you're the only person waiting, we're all waiting for weeo to release this, but that doesn't give you the right to crucify him and question his whereabouts. As hayden3430 said, if you want it that badly, either chill out or make your own.
  8. You can see the market icon in the top right corner, just below the status bar. Maybe you missed that ;) if it's still not there, check the gapps.zip and see if there's a market apk (vending.apk) in system -> app folder.
  9. Since nobody else seems to be posting here, good luck
  10. Dear Sir or Madam Let us start of by thanking you for choosing our website over others. We appreciate it that you use and test this rom, so we shall try to give a quick and easy response. For both of your questions, thou should read OP, instead of giving us a good ol' annotation. Yours Faithfully John Enter Postscriptum: no wipe no whine.
  11. I'm eager to see how it'll work and I'll probably try the rom at one point, but I do see more potential in 'actual' ICS roms.
  12. I'm with Ron for this. Developers usually have enough on their plate with one rom, whereas you have 4(?) roms, none of which is working properly. I'd say finish one first, or at least make it stable, before you start another project. I understand it completely that there are more important things going on in your life right now, but empty promises aren't good for anything. That said, I support you & your work, and I appreciate every developer and every user contributing here, so don't get me wrong. I(and probably many others) think you're trying to do too much, and ending up with close to nothing. I still want to try out your sense rom though, once it becomes usable :)
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