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  1. Looks like a real bargain, would love to see some decent camera samples. I'm about to finally retire my Galaxy Note and this could be a real contender if the camera is decent enough.
  2. I have been using ovivo for a while. The advertising/offers they send you via email are not that bad ( a couple of emails each week with offers in them, you don't have to do anything with the emails, but the offers don't seem to be to bad). The advertising whilst browsing has been disabled for a little while now (I believe they had issues with people abusing the system) and will be enabled again pretty soon according to the last info I had. Don't forget to use referrals too, as each friend you get to sign up gets you extra credit , and free calls to them too :)
  3. nope, nothing Chinese about the seller at all. I simply assumed the Chinese UI was due to someone installed the ics firmware from china. Anyway About phone states .... Model number HUAWEI U8818 Android version 4.0.3 Baseband Version 2030 Kernel version 3.08-perf-00158-g222d0d1 [email protected] #1 Build number U8818V100R001C17B926 So basically the B926 right at the very very end of the build number is the clue? Thanks all
  4. Picked up a G300 with a version of ICS already installed, seller did mention it, but I didn't ask many questions at the time. How do I identify the rom? It starts with a Chinese splash screen and loads of Chinese bloatware. I want a cleaner rom but would like to know what on it first so I don't screw up .... Or is there a procedure that I can start with that doesn't matter what is on the phone currently?
  5. Anyone managed to stop the back of the Vega from creaking? Tempted to take it apart over the weekend and see if I can do anything to stop it .... Any tips?
  6. Wow ! I'd love to see one of those videos of the process sped up. Would be really nice to see how you use the stylus/fingers to create such a thing.
  7. The splash screen really has never bothered me (only see it twice a week anyway) .... I switch on my tablet and then look back after a minute when its ready.....can;t believe anyone would bother to remove it unless they are doing it to try and con someone. Its not like its actually improving the boot time or anything useful.
  8. Mirroring of video feed from 2nd cameras for video call is pretty standard on phones. Supposed to be easier for the user to move the camera around to get image centered if the feed is mirrored :)
  9. Tried to reinstall again last night and everything worked !!! Didn't change my update procedure at all but everything back to normal now (build7).
  10. Will try again later but tablet was fully charged and had power plugged in too and always do wipes at each flash, so at least it wasn't something stupid. I saw the comment about bad blocks, but find it strange that this only started in the very last update (all previous updates worked fine ... and now all previous updates don't work at all). Anyway it will have to wait until later as I failed to bring it to work with me.
  11. The love affair with vegacomb has come to an end for me. Have been updating for a while now, from B5 to B6 and then to B7 (via the patch), I then had an issue with google account not working, so decided to a full install instead. Now I get the continuous reboot (splash screen-reboot-splash screen etc etc). Don;t seem to be able to get to any version of Vegacomb now. updates to corvus fine but vegacomb just won;t work anymore on mine.
  12. having had awful battery life for ages i'm a little shocked to still see my vega with 70% battery today, seems like a record for my tablet. only been running thè browser today but incredible to far.
  13. Nice, will be interesting to flash a version of Meego to the Vega.
  14. The "news" obviously isn't very exciting at all as nothing has come from this.
  15. I have seen the same sort of battery issues. Battery working fine until it gets to around 50% then suddenly done to 16% and the warning appears. have cleared the stats etc and get no difference. No idea what the file your talking about is though.
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