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  1. I'ts because of the omnias low amount of ram. I had the same problem, using nrg's roms with the titanium homescreen gets rid of this problem. Might not be the solution you were looking for, but proves it's not the roms fault at least.
  2. Hey folks! After upgrading to the omnia 2 from my beloved i780 a couple of months ago I tried a lot of roms from this site, I also used a stock jj1 german rom for some time. I really fell in love with the sencity flavoured cookie roms from MS team and nrg (Difference from my experience: ms team: seems more complete than the nrg one, more free ram, a bit sluggish; nrg: couple of bugs here and there, snippidy fast, the beautiful ms team cookie extensions work with this one while not working with ms team rom (funny), very little ram left). Since I like to install an extra keyboard (german version of swype), I like to use Opera Mobile and I absolutely have to have s2u2 and s2p on my phone (if only for the function of auto switching on s2p when I connect my bluetooth headset, otherwise I hate the iphone lockscreen look and would prefer what nrg and ms team have to offer), using a rom with little to no free ram is not an option for me. I tried, it froze up on me all the time. So what I ended up doing was getting the nrg sencity cookie rom and using it with the windows standard titanium home screen, which may sound strange, but it works well. While being pretty basic and not as pretty as sense with the cookie extension it gives me around 60mb of free ram after I installed all my stuff. Ok, now slowly getting to what my question is: I disabled the samsung sms skin, because it makes no sense to have threaded sms enabled while being able to see only the last one. In ended up with the wm standard sms skin, which is threaded but ugly as hell (grey background, black text, recipient in green etc.). I tried alternative skins from xda devs from astronaut for example which worked only halfway. Which means, they gave me a different frame for the text message view while keeping the grey background etc. Ok, now the question: While playing around with different roms, for some time I used one (can't remember which) that used a very simple and clean looking sms chat view (white background, black text in bubbles). Does anyone know what that was and if it's possible to install in my rom? Thanks in advance!
  3. This is not the first windows phone i used, but the strangest by far. So kudos to everyone who builds roms for the i8000! I am using the sencity flavor of your april 30th rom and it's stunning! With 3 homescreens (only one level) and 5 tabs (people, messages, email and call history) it's plenty fast and responsive, battery life is good. One minor gripe is that I had to switch from the standard windows mobile start menu to an alternative in order to free up some ram, before that opera mobile was sluggish at best and s2p would randomly shut down. Can't say I am in love with the compact start menu (or any other alternative to the wm start menu) but it works, went from 32mb free ram at startup to 58mb. little update on what works and what doesn't: 1. keyboards squeeze htc contacts and message screens, which apparently can't be fixed (thanks for the feedback on this one!) 2. s2u2 locks every button when the screen is turned off (after I found the "button" entry in the samsung settings), when the screen is on and shows the s2u2 lockscreen it locks every button but the camera button, which leads to me turning the camery app on half the time I pull the phone out of it's sleeve. This also seems to be a known problem. 3. nothing, this rom is awesome! But another problem I have is the gps. This probably is not a problem with this rom, but I want to ask users of the nrg rom anyways, because none of the fixes in the gps threads worked for me and the answers in those threads may be too general. So, is it working for you? When I use navicomputer and switch on the gps function it tells me that the phone is turned off and I had to switch it on. Just to clarify, the phone is turned on at that time. (I read in one of the gps threads that there is a weird connection of the gps driver and the phone module) PDA: I8000NXXJE3 CSC: blank (I believe I flashed a german JF4.csc) Phone: I8000XXJF1 Eboot: I8000NXXJH2 What do you use? Does it work for you? Thanks! edit: Installed google maps, ran it once and now I can get a gps fix in navicomputer also. This is the strangest device...
  4. I just flashed your gtx themed rom and, wow! This is the first sense rom that actually works for me. I Especially like how the couple of contacts and text messages I have with Chinese Characters show without the need to install additional fonts in wm as well as in manila. Good job! Issues so far (some or all of them probably already mentioned in this thread): - very little RAM left (I only use contacts, message and call history tabs, but maybe I'll find a way to squeeze more ram out of it) - not really worth mentioning: when I add a contact to a quick link, both software keyboards I use (samsung and swype) will squeeze the contacts list. - the windows mobile threaded sms view shows me conversations instead of messages (which is what it's supposed to do) but when I click on a conversation it shows the last message in the samsung view. Changed this via regedit. - this has been mentioned: After data connection is switched on there is no way (sense quick link, connection manager) to turn it off again. Question: - Is there a way to make the lock screen not dim itself? It's beautiful and a shame that it's almost not visible. Installed s2u2. New problem, see below. But, anyway. I love how everything fits together well (sense, wm, phone app etc.) and just works. Awesome! Thanks! edit: I am a new i8000 user and this has nothing to do with your rom, but why the heck is the diamond button no d-pad? What were they thinking?? Think I might sacrifice the volume rocker to get up/down functionality. What the heck were they thinking?? edit 2: I just installed the april 30th wm 6.5.x version of your rom. I don't know if this was the case in the april 26th version, but software keyboards also squeeze the htc text message view. s2u2 does not lock any button at all. Does anyone have a solution for this problem? Should mention that I also use aebuttons. Oh well, found the "button" menu in samsung settings...

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