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  1. You're welcome. Thanks for letting us know.
  2. This is from the Greek version, i don't know if it suits you. http://www.mediafire.com/download.php?gcr1w91i49u3bqu
  3. Read the whole post, there is a link to romdump with instructions. If you need anything else, ask.
  4. Here we go! ZTE Racer II GREECE_COSMOTE_P728B1.0.0B03 Looking forward for any news!
  5. Ok i got it!!! I'm reading the instructions about romdump. It is straight forward except the rooting section. Instructions are for the latest romdump v82b. How do i root it before i follow the instructions about romdump? EDIT!!!! Never mind. I have done it (with psneuter) romdump is now uploading and the link will follow soon.
  6. Still waiting for the replacement device... :(
  7. Thanks. The device is for my brother and i have to return it to the shop, because it goes off by itself after a period of time and you have to remove the battery and insert it again to power it up. So it is defective and i have to ask for a replacement. As soon as i have the new in my hands, i will try to romdump it and report.
  8. Give me a hint how to romdump and i will be back! ;)
  9. Are the gen2 roms compatible with this device (Mine says ZTE Racer II P728B)? It comes with 2.2.2 and i want to upgrade it. It is from Cosmote Greece operator.
  10. Have you first installed a recovery rom? If yes can you boot to recovery? If not my knowledge reaches an end. I always install a recovery rom prior to flashing new roms.
  11. Flawless update from v 1.0 update1, without wiping. Good job man!!!!!!
  12. If this helps, i have echo on calls. That means i'm hearing my voice back with a little delay (the other party does not hear anything).
  13. Yes for me too mic is not working. I just have checked it. It works on voice recording but not on calls.
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