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  1. Hoping that someone can help: I've unlocked the bootloader and tried method 1. That didn't word, after the command the screen turns purple and fades out. On to method 2. I can list my device in both adb and fastboot mode. I can flash the recovery, however when I select recovery in fastboot and confirm with Up button it just reboots and optimizes my apps again. When i do ADB reboot recovery, it reboots, show me the unlocked bootloader warning, turns black for 1 second, shows me the warning again, boots normally and optimizes all my apps again. What is going wrong?
  2. Hi peeps, Today i did a clean IR6 install. I've got the search widget option deselected, however now my search button doesn't work either. And besides that I don't have a 5x4 grid on my homescreen, just a 4x4 with empty space where the search widget used to be. Any ideas? Grtz,
  3. On numerous other phone models. couldn't find anything on O2X yet.
  4. Hi peeps and Paul, In some other forums i see people increasing call quality by setting EVRC to EVRC-B. They do this by entering ##PROGRAM in their dialer and sending it. Is this something that could benefit us O2X owners with crappy quality? I can't get to the settings through ##PROGRAM is there any other way?
  5. I had Juice Defender, but now i've done a complete whipe of my device, reinstalled FR11 with newest BaseBand. Still the same problem.
  6. Hi peeps, My O2X is my phone that followed up my Milestone. What I liked about the Milestone was that the power button was a bit sunken into the body. The O2X power button sticks out on the top actually. My problem is that i turn my O2X on 90% of the time when i put it in my pocket. It would be nice if the screen didn't turn on with one click, but with ie 2 within 1 second. Is this possible? Grtz,
  7. Hey peeps, First of all, Paul, thanx for an excellent ROM. Ever since fr 3 or 4 or so, my wifi disconnects when my phone goes to sleep. Since i don't have a GPRS data connection @ my home location, it doesn't check email or anything when it's sleeping. When I wake the phone it doesn't automaticly reenable wifi. When I disable and enable wifi it reconnects. Anyone recognizes these problems? I'm using FR12 right now with the newest Baseband.
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