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  1. Ad_rocks

    ICS is available here (CM9)

    Here you go https://plus.google....715274412/posts Apologies is already posted. Someone has linked a youtube vid as well in the replys.
  2. Wow that was fast. I'll have to bake my first rom tonight. Thanks
  3. Thanks for the prebake Paul. I noticed that in the launcher view not all the lg widgets are available. Does anyone else get this? I'm using the LG version. Wanted the LG calender. Cheers
  4. Ad_rocks

    Nom nom tastes like 2X Gingerbread

    I have another question - don't think it has been asked yet. When you press the power button to lock does it have the cool old school TV look? If not can you add it?
  5. Ad_rocks

    Nom nom tastes like 2X Gingerbread

    Anymore screen shots? Would like to see the home screen if possible.
  6. Ad_rocks

    [UNOFFICIAL] MoDaCo LG O2X Google+ Circle

    Thanks for the invite Federico
  7. Ad_rocks

    Gestures and FM Radio a couple of problems

    My phone is still stock and does the same only works when the music app is on screen. Doesn't work if screen is locked either.

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