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  1. Flashed on rls7.... Update is fine with no trouble at all. But not tested with my beats headset... Ill report the result when I get home...:rolleyes: Edit1 : 1st report, it kill dsp manager :P
  2. I can't add new apn... even modify one, when I save it, it disappear ... Anyone does this issue...??
  3. Tried this on rls7.. Sound on earphones like using dsp with extreme mode... not significant changes anyway. N the speaker little cracking for me.. dsp much better for me... N the worse dsp doesn't working. :o Restoring........ :ph34r: sent from V880 using Tapatalk
  4. 1. +1 2. Yup the point is script from konstat will automatically move apk not dalvik (it increase performance) cuz when application run it uses dalvik so it will be better if they still in internal. Maybe the problem is when u try to move the applications to sdcard using native android system ull got fc like mine... (dont know with others) but I think we don't have to do that cuz the space are still large for me so why u move the applications. N just fyi move to sdcard (apps2sd) from system it just move applications to ur fat partition (sdcard) not dalvik. N move to sdcard (a2sd) from darktremor it can move ur applications even dalvik to ur sd-ext partition (sdcard) but the system recognized that sd-ext its ur internal. It very helpful for phones that having small internal like our blade. :rolleyes: sent from V880 using Tapatalk
  5. Its working fine on mine... Its not turn to 2g/3g (gsm/wcdma) auto but to 2g/3g (gsm/wcdma) preferred ... this option doesn't included in rls7 thats why no option ticked on setting>mobile but the switching working fine... When I'm not on 3g coverage it turn to "E" n when Im on 3g coverage it turn to "H" so what's the problems... ? sent from V880 using Tapatalk
  6. This what I've been waiting for. Rls7 is rock.. now I can played my games without lag. Even Ive done nothing to no-frill.. Btw I'm using Chinese blade. I think playing hard games such as pes2012 it just a dream without swap now its came true... thx konstat ur great man.... :twothumbsup... sent from V880 using Tapatalk
  7. Did anyone having restart like mine.. It happens when I'm playing raging thunder 2 n turbofly 3d... It's ram issue or what? sent from V880 using Tapatalk
  8. U can try flashing burstlam 8th March kernel for stock costum rom it work on my stock 2.2.2 v880. Just flashing via cwm...n Voila u've got stock w oc kernel 2.6.35.... Remember to download for stock based rom not for cm one... I'm using it w no problem... everything work just fine... remember to backup first... :wub: sent from V880 using Tapatalk
  9. Hi konstat thanks again for ur great work. I followed ur roms since mmhmp. I have problem like I said before.. when phone sometimes got blackout/pause when I open any of my apk's (games, camera, video player etc.). I've been searching every single way n I found that's the problem it's on ur circle mod addon, I tried full wipe n install the rom its okey... but when I installed that addon it always happen. Its very annoying. Now for the time I'm not using ur addon but I really like it excluded that bug off course :D Overall its great... :wub: Edit : sorry konstat its my fault... ur addon its ok. The problem its on my ram manager pro & swapper. I must choose one of them or my blade will blackout... just know that after a few test.. Swapped & ram profile = Tom & Jerry :lol: Oh waste of money... :blink: sent from V880 using My Blade
  10. No for me.... Its works great, even with stock player... n with sennheiser it's. Rocks :wub: Fyi I'm using swedishsnow rls6.. sent from V880 using Tapatalk
  11. Same as mine.... never had this on rls5, maybe its cuz new kernel... Fyi I'm using v880 Chinese. Edit : problem solved using 8th march kernel by burstlam but np uv... sent from V880 using Tapatalk
  12. Its only me or some people's here. That screen refresh everytimes... no matters what application that im using. For example are my PES 2011, camera, gallery or angry birds its always black/pause the games. It really disturbing ... sent from V880 using Tapatalk
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