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  1. I can confirm 0614 provides better audio quality during calls. Still I can't understand why the Market application in my device isn't updating to the latest version, though!
  2. Just updated to 0614 Baseband, will test tomorrow its functionality. By now what seems very weird to me is that my phone doesn't update the market application (the most recent one I think is 2.2.6). Usually this update would be almost instantaneous, but now I'm stuck with the old market app. Admittedly, not a big issue but surely it's strange! I will monitor it to see if it decides to start the process by itself. By the way, I'm on stock ROM by now.
  3. Quick report on FR18b2: I flashed the ROM with the OC/UV kernel and found that the 'dialer' partial wake up usage is pretty much gone. There's a problem, though: every now and then, the phone gets really hot with no reason and rebooting fix the issue since its next occurence. I found this out shortly after flashing the new ROM, with no external Apps installed, so I really have no clue on what the cause of this behaviour could be. The phone gets hot right behind the camera lens, towards the SD-card and the card itself seems to get very hot. Trying now to flash FR18 with the old kernel, let's see if this fixes the problem.
  4. Just as a side note: the option to select the 'old' kernel is not present in the kitchen! :P
  5. I'd be glad to help, too. I'm very happy to mess with my phone and not afraid of NVFlashing stock ROM to start again from scratch :P Edit: Running FR17, BTW
  6. Did you take that screenshot on my phone? :unsure: Spare parts reports the same exact situation for me but I frankly never understood what that process could actually be. Someone has suggested it could be the SNS (Facebook and Twitter) but I set it up to update every 2 hours, so this much usage seems quite suspicious to me.
  7. Ok, this is weird. Yesterday I got back home after 9 hours with 79% battery and I was quite pleased with the result, considering that Wi-Fi, 3G and autosync were on all the time. I then downloaded and installed a clock and date widget named 'Retro Clock', which doesn't need any particular authorization to be installed and my battery level started plummeting: it was at 31% when I plugged the phone back in for the night. Today I set up my FB account, which is in autosync too, and removed the date and time widget. I'll monitor the discharge process to see where I will end up in the evening.
  8. I had the same issue in FR15 and wiping dalvik cache seems to have fixed it. Google Maps was still acting up a little, though. With stock ROM I can confirm the issue is not present, so there must be something broken somewhere.
  9. Hi all, Since battery life of our device seems to be a hot topic that has started to take over the MCR main topic, I decided to try to move it here. I was one of the (many) users experiencing a massive battery drain, beeing on stock or custom ROM, since I decided to start back from scratch. I fully charged the device, NVFlashed the original ROM - which anyone can find in one of the sticky threads here - set up my google account and others e-mail, uninstalled my external SD-Card and disabled automatic upgrade check in the settings menu. I purposely didn't install any APP from the market (OK, left alone 'Spare Parts', which I needed for this test), because I wanted to exclude any possible cause of unwanted data or CPU usage. I didn't set up my FaceBook account. The first day I left active the weather widget, which as everyone know is a greedy battery eater, and just used the phone as usual. The result was a nice 16 hours before the low battery alert, but I must admit it was on light usage. During this period, Wi-Fi and 3G were active all the time. After a full charge, today in the morning I removed the LG weather widget, activated the Google one, killed the 'Car Home' process and finally unplugged the device: to my surprise I noticed that now, after 4h30', I'm at 96% after some texting and a brief check of my e-mail accounts (one of them made me download some data, as I received 4 html messages). The battery information menu, as usual, tells me that phone stand-by alone is responsible for 50% of the battery usage, but one could argue that 50% of very little consumption can be plausible. I'm not sure this will be permanent: I read somewhere that someone else experienced sporadic episodes of very low battery drain before returning to the usual battery carnage. I just want to keep using the phone for some days in this state and see if anything changes, expecially if I have to reboot it. As a final note, I hope other users would be willing to focus the battery discussion here. This topic could become a good source of information about battery usage of this phone.
  10. Fair point. Anyway, I am not complaining about a ROM issue. This is a phone one! Even on stock, the switching between 3G and H has always been present and maybe - maybe - fixing that could improve battery life. Isn't improving the whole phone experience the entire point of custom ROMs? This is not to blame anyone here, I must add: it's all LG fault. I don't even know if a custom ROM can do anything at all about radio configuration, I wouldn't call me exactly an expert (this is my first android phone)!
  11. Yes, you are right: disabling 3G is not a good solution if you really need to be always connected but since on this phone the connectivity seems to turn the device in a battery hog, the only viable solutions are either a spare battery or a connection on demand! By the way, I really would like to see a solution for this issue but to be honest I don't think it's likely. Paul, is it possible to modify something in the core files to prevent the phone from continuosly switching between 3G and HSDPA? Right now, whenever I am connected, it keeps flashing "3G" and "H" if some data is beeing transmitted. Maybe a solution to stabilize this behaviour does really exist?
  12. I don't know if this could be of help for any of you but I flashed FR15 too and I see my battery has a great life ATM. If you keep your data transfer off (I use QuickSetting for that) during standby, the phone is practically using no battery at all. Yesterday I unplugged it at 8:00 AM and at 6:00 PM it was at 78%, with frequent checking of e-mails, sporadic FB, some calls and a bit of surfing enabling 3G each time I needed it during the working day. In the evening I enabled Wi-Fi and played Angry Birds, Stupid Zombies, Labyrinth 3D, made some more calls and toyed around with the GPS just to see where I would be ending up. I managed to get to bed time - 12:00 PM - when it was at a little less than 50% (don't remember the level exactly). On the other side, if I keep data enabled it seems to drain the battery in a very short time even if I keep it only idling. I suspect that some process is constantly trying to connect to check for upgrades or who knows for what else and that is forcing the phone to switch very often to HSDPA, which I think is the reason for this massive battery drainage. Maybe if it would be possible to avoid this switching when the screen is off the battery consumption would be far less intense, I can't tell for sure (I don't even know if this makes sense at all). Anyway, using the phone this way is the perfect solution, to me at least.
  13. Updated to FR14: - Touchscreen seems to be more reactive than it used to be in FR13; - Faster boot of the device; - Improved overall smoothness and speed; - Wi-Fi tethering doesn't work anymore; - Battery level was erroneously shown as 87% upon first reboot, even if battery voltage was showing 4160 mV. Battery level is now increasing even with charger disconnected, I wonder if the phone will eventually manage to keep up with the previous calibration; - 3G connection sometimes fails when Wi-Fi is set to shut down at screen power off and the phone comes back from sleep: switching airplane mode on and off seems to fix it. By the way: yesterday - for the first time since I own this phone - I got a black screen of death while still on FR13. From what I've been told, my phone was still registered to the network as apparently one could call me and hear the tone but my phone simply stayed shut. Removing the battery fixed the problem (but I missed some calls :mellow: )
  14. Just installed FR13 via online kitchen. I am a bit concerned about the "Multitouch Optimizations": since I installed this MCR i noticed my touchscreen is less responsive. I mean, to move inside a zommed page inside the browser I must move the finger a lot more and the sides of the screen itself refuse to accept the same light touch input - with the tip of my index finger - I used to provide on stock ROM. May I ask what these optimizations were meant to achieve? I'm curious to understand why my phone behaves this way now.
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