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  1. My good old blade will be replaced by Sony Xperia M, which just got official CM support. I want to thank all devs that kept the blade up to date such a long time!
  2. I have 185MB system partition and 181/185MB used (I installed additional Genie Widget in Gapps)
  3. DisableService is an App from Playstore, there you can choose to enable SystemUpdaterService in Google-Play-Services and Google-Service-Framework You must redo this after every reboot, but then DeepSleep works perfect!
  4. Well, I think I managed the problem. You must activate the SystemUpdateSevice with "Disable Service"-App. It seems that the disabled service causes the wakelock. Unfortunately you must reactivate the service after every reboot. Maybe there will be a fix in next version.
  5. my Blade never goes to DeepSleep since FullWipe and flshing latest ROM and Gapps... anyone else got this problem? I've checked this with CPUSpy and WakelockDetector App. But it can't show whats causing the Wakelock. I think its just not going back to DeepSleep, but why?!? Edit: Well it seems that its a known problem in CM11, see here. Hopefully this will be included in next update sometiimes. Thanks for keeping Blades alive ;-)
  6. I cant install apps bigger than about 15MB in size? Playstore says that there is not enough space left... anyone else got that problem?
  7. are you able to load the new swiftkey keyboard update from PlayStore? I am getting the error message, that there is not enough space free on my phone... (but partitions aren't full)
  8. CalenderSync only works if you download the Google Calendar App from PlayStore!! FM Radio / MMS? In which century do you live in? ;) For me it's the best ROM for Blade!!!
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