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  1. Hi all , My Niece has Experia U , Jellybean. The problem is there are letters missing and when she types on the English keyboard it comes out Japanese. QLCVX are missing from the keyboard. Any ideas what the problem is ? The phone shop said it was a virus? Cheers DbD
  2. Further to my post of http://android.modaco.com/content-page/319...nge/page/1140/# It came the next day - very speedy - and is exactly what I was looking for . Fits lovely , black in colour and screen now protected too. Cheers DbD - Happy bunny :0)
  3. Just ordered a sikai case : £5.99 inc p+p http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/Sikai-Jelly-Case-Ora...=item3f096a7a41 will let you know what it's like , also it comes with 2 free screen protectors . Cheers DbD :0)
  4. How do i get androot onto my phone from my pc? I now want to have a go at the orange removal process. DbD
  5. Is there a guide anywhere on how to get my home emails on my phone? And by guide I mean an IDIOTS guide and no acronyms :0) I don't even know where to begin and I don't want the orange pay effort. Cheers DbD :)
  6. Yessssss ,fiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiinally. No delay this time , got gmail to phone and then went to OE afterwards and the test turned up. THANKYOU!!! Flumpster And thanx to all other posters. DBD :0)
  7. Theres a dealy of about 15 mins , it just turned up , so i'll try another test and see if i still get the email in OE after the forwarding . What a polaaaaaaaaaaver . DbD :0)
  8. Ok tried the forwarding thing in sky , to forward to gmail but it doesnt seem to want to do it. does it do it instantly or is there a time lag from sky to gmail? DbD
  9. Apparently : pop.tools.sky.com does not support leaving messages on the server This would seem to be my problem and without doing imap I'm not going to get around it. DbD :0(
  10. Thnx Jim , My son in law did set the imap up for me but then when i did this in outlook as well i eneded up with loads of different folders , which if that isnt bad enuff for me it confused my mrs no end. I scrapped that in OE and reverted to pop there and left imap on my phone . In the ned tho' i couldnt even make it stop getting emails on auto , and when they did come in i was showing double lots and then if i deleted emails it was still saying i had half of them but i couldnt see them. It was wierd . As i understand it the imap let me control the sky page and this just threw me 10 left . I've got all the settings from a previous poster , so i'll have another go at a l8r stage. On the + side , I've managed to get my MMS working with help from another topic. Thnx again. DbD
  11. Hi all , Probably a really dopey question , but here goes anyway. My daughter sent me a MM text this morning , a piccy of the grandkids , but the phone says it cant downlaod it? I take it I have something set wrong as my old basic nokia did this no problem. Any suggestions? Cheers DbD
  12. DeathbyDonut

    Cant recieve multi media on my phone.

    Thnx guys , the default,supl,mms seems to have done the trick. I managed to send a pic to my daughter , just waiting for a test pic back. Nice to have it working now that I've given up on the emails , the imap thing was confusing me so I'm sticking to my outlook express. DbD :0)
  13. Thnx for all help on this topic , I got it working but have now removed it as it was all to confusing for me me. I was getting double lots of email and I didnt grasp the whole imap thing so have reverted to just have email on my outlook express , easier for my brain to understand. Thnx again. DbD
  14. DeathbyDonut

    Cant recieve multi media on my phone.

    Hi Guys , I'm on Vodafone if that helps? Cheers DbD
  15. DeathbyDonut

    Cant recieve multi media on my phone.

    Hi, Yes I turned on the data thing but it wouldnt do it. cheers DbD
  16. Hi , I managed to get it going great , however if I get the emails on my phone they then dont turn up in my OE at home . Do I have to set up my sky account differently to gett the emails on both? Cheers DbD
  17. Brilliant!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It was the SSl thing which i didnt enter - because i didnt know what it meant - once that was in, the outgoing bit turned up. I then did a test but nothing at first , but on checking I realised that as soon as the account sent it to OE, it deletes from the sky account . I then set that to keep the messages and hey presto email to my phone. TY very much :0) I dont suppose while i'm here you know how to stop the phone bleeping when a new tweet turns up , very annoying as I only really use the twitter thing to check news stories. I couldnt find any setting for it , it's the 'tweetcast' app? Thnx once again , most helpful. DbD :0)
  18. Thnx forthe fast reply :0) I have a sky email account which was my previous isp I'm now plusnet but I did want to go through the hassle of changing it all , I struggle as it is with this stuff. This goes to my OE account via POP? I just downloaded the K9 thing but couldn't get it to go , even after an hour of trying and downloading a password recovery prog in desperation. Cheers DbD
  19. DeathbyDonut

    Flashing and ROMs

    Hi , I'm a complete techy idiot and I've just bought the blade :0) I've managed to get it unlocked and connect it to the interenet , just. Took me 20 mins to work how to lock the keypad :0) Anyway ( even tho' I dont understand what 'root' or 'flash' means , and thats AFTER reading the explanations :0) ) , I wanted to try and remove the Orange stuff as a first task. I read the 'simple' thread and thought I'd have a go but I have a few issues. 1. Do I get the files on my pc? 2. Where and how do I put them on my phone? 3. When I clicked the link to google docs there was nothing there , do I have to have a google account? Think that will do for starters , meanwhile I'll put my sim back in my nokia 1100 , a phone i understand :0) Cheers & thnx for any help. DbD

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