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  1. Happened to me last week. Phone totally died, after a day of doing nothing but reboot. My solution was buy a Nexus 4.
  2. After a few weeks of use, I do think the battery is better than R2. I haven't yet had the panic situation at work that made me think I was about to run out of battery; it just genally seems to last longer. Or maybe I've just been busier at work and so haven't had as much time to play with my phone. ;) I think the battery LOOKs like it is fading faster than other roms, but I'm not sure it actually does.
  3. No. It isn't. Nor does ADB. Probably because I already whitelisted ADB for my PC when it popped up the first time. Can you think of anything else I can try at all? Cheers.
  4. Decided that I wanted to backup my IMEI with this, just in case. I have a 5ROM backup, but people seem to think this is better. I like backups. Let's give this a whirl. I am using CM10.1 R3 on my phone. Hmm. Have the phone whitelisted for ADB. USB debugging is all good. ADB when run from a command prompt finds my device with the devices command. Looking good. However. Running the 1-imei-backup-windows.bat says "error: Device offline" several times and tells me to check root permissions. Confused. Device looks online to me and root permissions are ok. 4.2.2 issue? Apologies if I am doing somethign monumentally stupid. Any ideas?
  5. Fine here too. I updated same day it came out and no issues at all. Also on Cm10.1 R3.
  6. Rom comments: Not sure on battery yet, as I'm not at work this week so my normal useage patterns are off. It used 30% of its battery unplugged overnight, which doesn't sound great. No issues with phone not ringing with a custom ringtone here -- mine works fine. Google Now after update over the market is also not working correctly here. :( Clockwork Recovery : Doesn't it tell you the version number within recovery? If you're not sure which one you have, why not just install the right one to make sure? I think the easiest way to install a new version of CW is to flash the zip file of a new one from within clockwork, just like you would a rom or G Apps. Reboot and get back into recovery. It should be the new one.
  7. Minor thing: Daz would you possibly consider sticking something along these lines in the first post or FAQ / known issues part?: If you want to use the CM OTA update function, please make sure you are using the clockwork recovery from this thread. This is built alongside CyanogenMod 10.1 sources, and is the only build we can really guarantee that CM OTAs will function correctly on. Other builds may give you strange errors and not work properly! I've seen at least three people on the forum post about issues that are probably down to this -- there are probably more. I realise that people love reading these things to the point that it will probably do no good at all, but at least if it is there it might help someone. Or something.
  8. microscope: If I were you, I wouldn't worry about updates. OTA (over the air - from the phone the way you did) can cause you problems. You've seen it happen. You'll get a far easier experience with your phone if when you see an update, you come here and do some reading about it. Download it manually (and the GApps version you need with it) and install it through your recovery. If the update notification is bugging you, bring down the status bar (swipe from top of the phone screen) and click the icon with three lines sort of like stairs to clear notifications. Then forget about it or come here and do your research before deciding to update. Or set it not to check for them at all. One of the ways OTA updates might cause you problems is if you are using the wrong (or an old) version of recovery. If you want something to do with your phone, figure out how to update your recovery to the latest version in this thread (you want the file called 'recovery-clockwork-hybrid-' download it to SD, then flash it in clockwork the same way you flash a rom or G apps, reboot, then get back into recovery, and it should have changed). You'll see why if you read the the first post in the thread. Chances are that it will work better for you than the recovery you've been having problems with, and you can use the touchscreen with it rather than just buttons and vol rocker. Or don't bother. There's no need if you're happy with what you have if you don't plan to update again. I think you might find that downloading a new rom manually and doing a wipe/factory reset in clockwork recovery before you install (followed by G Apps of course) it will give you less problems with your phone than OTA updating. Just stay away from the automatic updates. Research, read threads and guides, and then decide if you want to update. There's no need to if you're happy with with you have.
  9. I recently read an article about security on phones, warning of the problems of leaving your phone on the default unlocker. The thing is, I like my phone to look a certain way, and the pattern unlock and passkey entry are... ugly. Still, I had visions of someone finding my poor lost phone and taking over my sad life with it. Then I found Picture Password Unlocker which I think is pretty cool. Windows phone lockscreen type thing? Now my unlock screen is whatever picture I like, and unless you know precisely where to draw my unlock symbols, you can't get into the phone. It has a nice passcode entry system for if you try and fail too many times too. I've also been using Zooper widget ever since I changed to ICS. I used the developer's ACW on GB, and I love Zooper just as much.
  10. MICROSCOPE: it sounds like you're trying to open the file you downloaded from within android. Or even windows. You need run it from within your recovery program on your phone. The only way you are going to get your missing playstore back is to flash the correct version of Google Apps from recovery. This will add the missing programs. Please read some of the linked guides for more help.
  11. Ah. Id you didn't install the custom ROM yourself, I see why the confusion. Please take a look here for a guide with all the steps needed. Not sure what you mean by a hat symbol. Clockwork should all be menu driven. You move to the menu option you want, then select it. Just moving to it won't do anything. Good luck. I might confuse you even more by suggesting that your phone might have an older version of clockwork on it. Once you get your phone working again: You might get more joy from installing the latest Daz&Falghaus version from the thread I linked to above. They make the CM port you are using and the recovery alongside it; the two are designed to work together. You get a new clockwork version by flashing it from clockwork (sounds odd, I know, but it works).
  12. Flash = install the file. Clockwork Recovery = the recovery program itself. You find a file by navigating the menus from within recovery. Please look at this guide ( a little out of date, but you can never read too much) again as it does explain all the steps in the recovery part. You need to use the menus from within recovery to select the Gapps file and install it. Just the same way you installed your custom ROM. How did you install your rom if you're not comfortable navigating the menus in clockwork? Please, don't start messing about with your phone until you are comfortable with recovery. Get used to going in and out of it from a power off. Get used to paging through the menus in it. Get used to looking at the menus and then backing out without making changes. There are so many tutorials that tell you how to do this in a step by step manner. This is my attempt to break it down for you. Get into clockwork. Turn phone on with VOL UP pressed until recovery screen appears. If this does not work, do you have recovery installed? Instructions for navigating in clockwork are at the top of the screen in my version of clockwork.The version I use is here. Navigate to the 'install ZIP' choice. Second one down in the menu in my version of clockwork recovery. Select it, Navigate to "Chose zip from external SD". First choice in the menu for me. select it. You should see a lit of directories and files on your SD. Select the GoogleApps file you downloaded. Select it. (You should install your ROM first in exactly the same way if you have not done so. Flash GAps after) Confirm that you want to install it. Let it install fully After install Reboot phone. Wait 15 minutes. Phone shoudl be normal or at welcome screen. If no joy, get back into clockwork recovery (battery pull if necessary). Make sure you have the ROM and GAPS on your SD card (if necessary, take card out of phone and copy the files across via PC) Find the 'wipe data'/factory reset option and use it. Use the 'wipe cache' option. Install Rom, then install Gapps and reboot phone from within recovery. If that doesn't work, download another rom, install that the same way with GApps after it. You did take a backup of your fully working rom from within clockwork before you did ANYTHING, didn't you? If you did, this should have also given you a backup to install if all else fails. Please make sure you have read more than one guide on how to do this before you do anything.
  13. You have to flash GApps through your recovery application. You can't do it from within Android. Turn the phone on with volume up pressed. Keep it held down til you get into recovery. You MUST have had your recovery installed to get CM flashed. Clockwork recovery? Flash it the same way you flashed your ROM. 'Install zip from external SD card" and then reboot from recovery. If you can#t get GApps onto yoru phone, then take the SD card out of your phone, put into your PC and copy it that way. Then put the SD back in your phone. If you're not sure what clockwork recovery is, then I'd urge you to stop. Don't do anything else until you are comfortable getting into recovery, and rebooting the phone from it. The recovery is the thing that makes it so you can always flash a new rom to your phone, no matter how you screw it up. If you can always get back to the recovery, you should have little to worry about. Get comfortable with it. You should know how to find a zip file on your SD card using the menu and install it from here. Go here, here and maybe even here for more on clockwork.
  14. dipacheco: Then take the SD card out of your phone and connect it to your PC with an adaptor (or straight in if your PC has a reader). Copy the ROM and Gapps across that way, then put the SD card back in the phone. Boot into clockwork and flash the rom.
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