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  1. Just an awesome work..Thank you so much androidbeliever!! So this rom gona be faster that gb roms too??
  2. I try to install it but cwm says that instalation aborted....I mount system and again the same!! How to install it??
  3. Are you kidding?? Are you on zte blade forum?? Of course not!!
  4. it has radio!!! I flash it before an hour to try and its awesome!! Another great rom for our blade!! :)
  5. Does this rom have fm radio?? its bassed on the lattest update of deamond?
  6. What?? 4.x.x roms not stable???? maybe only 4.2.2 all the above are faster and smoother than gb and of course are stable for every day use!!
  7. All the answers of your questions are one the home page of zte blade Rom customisation!! Why to install 2.3.5?? Our mobile now supports with no bugs 4.1.2 CM10 wich is much smoother than 2.xxx Roms!!
  8. better on daemond 4.1.2 smouther and much more battery life!!
  9. I have a problem in the last update with stock browser!!It loads all the sites in desktop mode and many times gives me an error!!
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