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  1. The Advent vega is £199. The you could put Vegacomb on it.. Though HP tablet is now rock bottom, if you are quick...
  2. SO HP have pulled out of the hardware market, And today the 16GB touchpad tablet is now... £89! The 32 GB is now £115! I just thought it may be of interest to a few of you. PC world have both in store at the moment...
  3. Just seen on Techradar that Xoom owners are already getting access to 3.2.. When accross the world 3.1 lagged behind in some markets over others.. Seems odd, but that is how uipdates go I guess!
  4. I think it will, but, for a little more you can have a capacitive screen which is much better, though I am guessing this will be great for first tablet buyers and kids etc.. Would go for a Vega over this myself..
  5. Asda have announced a tablet that they will be selling for £99.00 it is an 8" device which will run Android 2.1 Eclair... The Arnova 8 has 4GB of internal storage with a micro SD slot to add more. The Arnova though has a resistive screen... Yes they seem to have missed a major part of what a tablet is about.... Not sure this will seel against the likes of the Advent Vega etc...
  6. They are likely to be on a confidentiality agreement until whatever it is, is nearly ready. I am hopeful it won't be long before it hits the shelves etc though...
  7. I am not going to speculate on what 'might' be happening, just going to wait and see as long as it is not too long LOl... What I will say is congrats to both Newbe5 and to Paul for being called up by Advent themselves, shows someone is watching them and their skills.. Nice one guys!
  8. First thread I looked at from your link shows it is being rolled out. Will take a while longer for some countries to get it though.
  9. No hard figures, just by the fact it kept going out of stock and from what I have read via this and other sites about it.. Is it less than I think? Certainly an early-ish arrival compared to many and one of the better cheap tablets. I think it hit the market at the right time too.
  10. I can only imagine that the replacement for the Vega will be one of the first quad core devices like the Vega was with dual core. Lets hope so and that the case for it is real leather with tablet loading from the top too.. I thinks sales of the Vega show DSG they are onto a winner with the device...
  11. Thanks for replying again, I have just attacked the phone again and found how to do it. Got it sorted by going into the My Cities list then menu and add the one you want and set as default, then you can delete the one you don't! Thanks for your help.. Oldhippy
  12. Cheers Pete. I might try that.. I have found an alternative for now. I just couldn't understand the My Cities thing and wheter it was part of the phone or just the app.
  13. Thanks for the reply Flshg, With the clock face tapped I get the full weather app then I can pull up a menu that has a number of options, one of which is "My City List" but only gives the saved Marlow Australia and no obvious way of editing it. Must be a way of editing it without a reset surely?... Any other thoughts most welcome!
  14. Hi all, Well it seems I was beaten to my first device by my other half, who has bought herself a Samsung phone. Installed is the Accu weather clock/weather app and when I went to set it up my sausage fingers hit the wrong Marlow in the settings and is now giving weather for Australia and not Buckinghamshire! So I have tried this and that and looked in settings etc and can't fiind how I change it! Any help would be gratefully received. The phone is the Samsung Galaxy Apollo if that helps.
  15. Already been mentioned. Might be best to look through threads first.
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