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  1. Did you install the one that Konstat has provided ?
  2. Hey Konstat firstly thanks for your hard work and contribution to our device hope to see cm10.1 hopefully (no rush) My Question is just to simply ask you if miui will be available for this phone. I know this is of topic but I just had to ask no pressure or anything
  3. Hey Everbody, First Of All I Would Like To Thank Konstang For His Contribution To This Device ,Cannot Wait To See CM10.1 ? Anyway Could Anyone Please Post Touchwiz 5 or Touchwiz Ux (Nature) As It Is Known To Our CM10 Devices ? This Works Beautifully With The Touchwiz Theme Available For CM10. Perhaps A Flashable Zip File In Clockworkmod Would Be Nice. Any Help Appreciated Thanks !
  4. Which one is the clockworkmod thread maybe a link thanks for your reply
  5. Hey Guys, Please can someone tell me how to install cwm,root and unlock the phone ? If you can't unlock the phone just now I will wait but I really want to be able to install cm10 on the device. Anyone Provide Simple Instructions That Will Work For Me ? P.S This Might Or Might Not Help But I Live In England
  6. Does anyone have the default splash screen thanks
  7. Hi Simple instructons how to use Darktremor A2SD Thank you
  8. Hi my volume buttons are not working as they should as you have to press firmly for it to change the volume settings is there anyway to fix it or will I have to buy parts ? Thanks
  9. Hello Please could anyone try and port the galaxy s3 rom to our crescent make sure it will work with the vivacity Thanks
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