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  1. No problem for me to replace phone.apk, but it would be nice to have a operational ROM especially like this one! Fixed with lock screen - please.
  2. Great ROM - personally for me works much better than any other ROM available here. Only problem is the lock screen! P.S. No incoming call - phone line is busy.
  3. Works excellent! No green screens - no FC, data2ext works like a charm. Small compact, enough free RAM to work stable. CORRECTION! Old kernel - camera doesen't work!
  4. Great ROM - almost perfect. On my Pulse everything works (a lot of FC, but OK ). The important thing is to enable auto mount of ext/sd and swap partitions like in Pulse mini. FC are produced by the lack of RAM - so that's that.
  5. Obviously only Russian IP can download the file. Please re-upload it to mediafire.
  6. Twrock - on your ROM CRT animation is working for me, on Pier's it didn't. Google sync is wooooow faster, and everything is more responcive. Don't know why....
  7. At my personal experience much better then other CM 7.2.
  8. Restoring for the first time also was not a problem for me. Then I re-flashed CM 7.2 , re-flashed your's modified ROM, re-flashed 6.2, then stock froyo, again yours - then backup started to do funny things.... Reflashed a few more times to verify the problem, and after restoring backup there were lags, green screens, other funny stuff.
  9. CM 6.2 and CM 7.2 - only Froyo - Gingerbread difference.
  10. There is no such apk in Pier's CM ROM, but when installed there is weather inside clock apk.
  11. Make a list of yours apps, and re-download them trough Google Play store. It's something with re-allocating memory addresses.
  12. Installed the ROM (older version) - everything works perfect even the animations. First green screens are connected with backups! (written in Piers thread for CM camera works). My recommendation is NOT to use Titanium backup, or what so ever backup. Make a list of your apps, and install them through Google Play store. Only question to Twrock is where is the weather app inside clock app?
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