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  1. Christian Edwards

    The Tesco Hudl project is dead

    We've had a Hudl 1 and 3 Hudl 2s (for the kids) and they loved them, two got broken mores the pity because I need a replacement. The Amazon fires are out because of the lack of Google Apps. What would people recommend now the Hudls are all gone?
  2. Christian Edwards

    Todays Unreleased Update

    I just received a update on one of my Hudl2s yesterday. Annoyingly the H2 that got the update isn't the one with charging issues but I'm sure it will roll out to all H2s soon enough.
  3. Christian Edwards

    Hands on with 'Orange Signal Boost'

    I'd love to know what happened to this. I expected all carriers to have a version by now but EE seem to have stopped supporting this Orange version. Is O2 TU GO app the same sort of thing? Only it can't use UMA as it works on the iPad.
  4. Christian Edwards

    Charging Issues followed by micro USB socket detachment!

    With the Hudl being bust (flat & unchargeable) how to I stop my play account being charged if Tesco repair or refurbish it? Or my gmail being accessed, I didn't root it or install security apps, I wish I had now....
  5. Christian Edwards

    Charging Issues followed by micro USB socket detachment!

    Wot no USB socket! Image attached.
  6. I've been having charging issues with the Hudl for about a month now. The micro USB socket had some play in it and so the charging cable had to be placed just so for it to charge. After about a month the socket came completely loose and fell out (or in, I never found it but I can't hear it rattling about inside). I ordered online but collected in store so I took it back to my local store. After being bounced around the customer service desks I was told I would have to talk to the Hudl helpline and although they dialed them for me the phones in store didn't work well enough for them to actually hear me! I gave up a went home, thankfully once home I phoned the Hudl helpdesk myself who were very helpful, they arranged a new one to be shipped to store and told me I could drop the old one off when I go to collect it in 3 days (on Monday). They also mentioned they were aware of some soldering issues with the socket, so I thought I'd let you all know. Its seems to me a bit of a design flaw the socket has space to move around inside the Hudl but hopefully the new one will be much better fixed in place.
  7. Christian Edwards

    Nabi 2 Review

    We've had two in our house since last Christmas, the girls have really enjoyed them, I found having the hidden Amazon store too constrictive as the kids can't find new Apps if they can't browse. So I installed the play store (from the guide on xda-developers.com) and I switched on password control so they need ask before making any purchase. We also brought the different colour bumpers (mainly to help tell the two Nabis apart) and they are better (as they should be for £25) than the free red one as then have real buttons rather than rubber button covers. Sadly when one of the girls tripped and her Nabi got flung out of the front door onto the ground, the screen cracked. In the US you can replace the screen from $80 in the UK they don't even respond to your request for information on getting the screen replaced. Although the experience has generally been posative if I do replace the broken one it would be withh a Nexus 7 with a password on purchasing.
  8. Christian Edwards

    Boosting the range of your home WiFi

    I ran one of these for about two years as part of a Talktalk Labs trial. It work floorlessly and invisibly until it just stopped earlier this year. It was switched on for all that time just switched of for holidays and the only configuration its needed was when I changed the SSID of the master Wifi network. A great piece of kit a definite buy.
  9. Christian Edwards

    Very slow call up of the Gallery

    Yes that's perfect, I was looking for caches all over using a root explorer, didn't think to try that. Gallery Call up on my SGS3 (4.1.2) is much better now, Thanks.
  10. Christian Edwards

    Very slow call up of the Gallery

    Have you tried clearing the cache of the App itself from Settings > Application Manager > All > Gallery.
  11. I'm finding its taking ages to open the Gallery app. Its got worse since I updated to 4.1.2 but it was pretty bad before. I was syncing lots of Picasa Albums and now Facebook Albums have started syncing too (which I think is why its become unusable). I've switched sync off but there are still hundreds of Albums in a cache somewhere. Anybody know how I can clear it?
  12. Christian Edwards

    The case for the S3

    I have the Samsung thin case which comes in a twin pack. I dropped it and the corner of the case broke but protected the phone. Sadly the next drop on the same corner cracked the screen. Gorilla glass isn't magic. I still recommend the offical Samsung thin cases but change them if they get damaged. I also have an otterbbox which is great but does make the phone rather bulky.
  13. Christian Edwards

    Best cheap Android 7" Tablet?

    How about the Nabi 2 (£150 from Argos) separate child and parent modes. You get lots of book pre-installed and can buy more. It doesn't come with the Play store but it's easy to add the Amazon App store. The Google Play store can be added too if you install a modified recovery like CWM.
  14. Christian Edwards

    EE announce 4G LTE tariffs - hilarity ensues

    So the main selling point of LTE is the speed, how long would it take you to use your 500mb allowance at EE much advertised speeds?
  15. Christian Edwards

    Samsung Series 3 Chromebook launches @ £229! But...

    £50 cash back on the Series 5s, sounds like a bribe from Intel to maintain market share. They've been left behind by the low power consumption of ARM so they fired this plan from the grassy knoll.

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