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  1. Samsung gave 4 SGS2's to the CM7 team, and they told them specifically to GB running on the SGS2 phones. so Samsung doesn't waste their time on making GB, instead they make new phones ;)
  2. you realize that only 1 person managed to port the animation to Froyo, and it was done on a Xperia 8. it's is close to impossible and it would take too much time. no reason to port it, especially since CM7 is now really close to being stable.
  3. you're weird bro :D you say that the software and build quality of the O2X is bad. then you say the sensation is awesome and you don't care if you lose signal if you hold the phone in a different way in your hands... come on now... we are talking about smartphones. what design you want? I'm pretty sure we all want a piece of glass in our hands, without physical buttons, or other stuff. we just want a big touchscreen in our hands. well unless you're one of those guys when we had a nokia 3210 and we put stickers on it, and flashing leds at the back of the phone...
  4. lol good luck with a Sensation phone :P you noticed how crap the camera recording and sound is? right now, I would not change the O2X for any other dual core phone, not even for the SGS 2. the curent CM7 nightly #39 works pretty smoothly and didn't experience any problems with it. So if you want GB, then use the nightlies from now on, or just use Modaco for 2.2 which works really good.
  5. Li-ion batteries will always last longer if you use a lower mAh charger. that means charging from USB (500mAh), the battery will last a little bit longer than charging from the wall (1000mAh), since the wall charger puts out twice as much mAh than a computer's USB port.
  6. I just used my phone for 2 days and 17 hours doing the following on the phone: 48 minutes of phone calls 17 sms 55 minutes of browsing 30 minutes of gaming wi-fi on sync on gps off 2g only as long as you don't play all day or use the gps for hours, the battery is perfect. I'll do a screenshot too next time. I'm using FR17 Baseband 0405
  7. if you test out a CM7 and wanna come back to a FR17 backup: do a full wipe + dalvik cache install the original FR17 restore your FR17 backup reboot your phone. because CM7 uses ext3 and if you restore your FR17 backup, the partition remains ext3 and FR17 needs ext4 that's why you install the original FR17 first so it converts your partition, then restore your backup.
  8. no clue how CM7 is stable for you and FR17 is not. I'm using FR17 since it came out and never had a reboot, freeze, power off, huge lag, battery drain. I installed CM7 #30 once and reboots happen, camera hangs, browser freezes etc. I think you're a special person :P
  9. yeah. dunno why they had to put a plastic cover in front of the lens :P
  10. don't have to make extra topics. post your stuff here: http://android.modaco.com/content/lg-optim...bps-in-full-hd/ ps: recording to a high speed external card has no problems.
  11. can anyone help me out with a noob question? What is the RIL? and where can I download the RIL for the 405 baseband? Sorry, but I can't find any info about it :|
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