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  1. magikstar29

    Doro Liberto 825

    Hello, does anybody have doro liberto 825 and can bring me the méthode to root and if it has a custom recovery for it? Thank you.
  2. magikstar29

    Oukitel K10000 Smartphone Review

    Hello,i have the oukitel k10000 and i'm searching for how to root the device edit: i have found custom recovery http://www.needrom.com/download/k10000-twrp/
  3. magikstar29

    [Q] MIUI ROM ?

    Hi all, is anybody know if there's a MIUI for Droid 4?
  4. Hi all i have a Sony Ericsson Xperia Mini Pro SK17i and want some advise for a good rom thanks
  5. magikstar29

    Huawei G312 U8730

    Hi, does any one have Huawei G312 U8730 model (T-Mobile MyTouch Q by Huawei) and can make a custom rom? source code http://consumer.huawei.com/en/support/downloads/detail/index.htm?id=13744
  6. magikstar29

    Alcatel OT-986

    CM 9.1 Alpha3
  7. magikstar29

    Huawei MyTouch Q

    ICS for T-Mobile MyTouch U8680 http://www.droidrzr.com/index.php/topic/29175-testing-ics-on-u8680-u8730-huawei-mytouch-q/
  8. magikstar29

    Alcatel OT-986

  9. magikstar29

    Wiko Cink Five

    try to see here http://forum.frandroid.com/forum/692-wiko-cink-five-developpement-rom-co/
  10. magikstar29

    Samsung Galaxy S Relay 4G SGH-T699

    Hello, Have you got the T-Mobile Samsung Galaxy S Relay 4G SGH-T699 in UK or it's for T-Mobile US only?
  11. installed on friend's blade after testing cm10.1 and it's better than cm thanks for your great work
  12. magikstar29

    Huawei MyTouch Q

    today,i have received my Huawei U8730 i love it as many as my htc desire z
  13. magikstar29

    Huawei MyTouch Q

    Huawei U8730 ordered from US, waiting to receive it in France

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