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  1. Thank you for the information. Yes, there's a decrease in recording clarity when the pinhole is covered, so I think that the secondary mic is still okay. I'll be sure to not put any more paperclips down there!
  2. Thanks! I eventually managed to restart it by holding the power button for a while. Do you know what the small pinhole is at the top of the phone? I hope that it's nothing fragile as I did try inserting a paperclip down there in a bid to try to unfreeze the phone!
  3. Hello, How do I go about resetting a frozen Orange San Diego? Everything is default on my San Diego, it is running Orange's ICS and I have not rooted the phone. I received an email alert, and when I pushed the power button I got a blank desktop before the screen went dark and the phone wouldn't wake. Is the small hole at the top of the phone near the 3.5 mm socket used for resetting? In this situation, I would normally remove the battery but obviously this is not an option for the San Diego without removing the sealed back and I do not want to do this. Apologies if such a question has been asked previously - I thought that it would have been, but a search yielded no results.
  4. Thanks for your response jonas_football. I tried your suggestions but that didn't solve the issues that I was having. I left my phone to sync overnight, but still nothing. I believe that I may have found the culprit though! I decided to go through all of the new apps and customisations that I had made over the past few days to see if removing any of them would make a difference. It turns out that the LauncherPro Plus Gmail widget interferes with the sync process and stops me accessing labels that aren't defined in the Gmail Label Synchronisation settings. As soon as I removed the widget from my homescreen, I could sync normally and access my spam folder. There doesn't seem to be a whole lot out there on the web about this. One of the few postings that I found about it is this: http://www.google.com/support/forum/p/Goog...53f98&hl=en
  5. To add to this reply. I have a fair bit of internal storage space left (38 MB), so I don't think that it is a storage related issue as reported elsewhere. I've left the phone running for 30 minutes now, and the sync arrows are still present next to Gmail but they are not rotating, and if I open Gmail itself I get a black screen with "Your email will appear shortly".
  6. Hi all, I've been using Swedish Spring for about a week now and so far I've been very impressed. It appears to be a great ROM and is a significant improvement over the stock 2.1 Orange ROM that came with the phone. However, tonight I have encountered a problem and so far I've not been able to solve it. At around 7 pm tonight, I could no long sync with my gmail emails. I noticed this when I went attempted to go into my Spam folder and the contents of it wouldn't load. Gmail would stay on Loading Conversations... and not progress anywhere else. I figured that the problem was to do with syncing, so I have attempted to do a fresh sync with the server following these instructions: http://www.google.com/support/mobile/bin/a...y?answer=113869 but I do not have Google Mail storage or Gmail storage present in Settings > Applications > Manage Applications > All. I have cleared the data for Gmail and then turned off my phone, before switching it back on again. Gmail begins to sync, downloads ~80 Kb of data and then stops. In Settings > Accounts and sync settings > [my gmail address] > Sync Gmail, when it stops it either briefly puts a "sync is currently experiencing problems. it will be back shortly" error message at the bottom of the screen, or the arrows in the circular sync symbol next to GMail will stop rotating. Every time I try to do this, it will sync 80 kb of data and then stop. Could there be a problem with the Gmail servers, or is there anything else that I can try with my phone? I am tempted to leave it overnight and see whether the problem resolves itself. I have never had any issue with this before, and I have only noticed this problem as of this evening. Any suggestions? Has anybody else had syncing issues this evening? Thanks in advance!
  7. Hello, I'll apologise in advance if this topic has ever come up before. I did a search of this forum for it, but the search results weren't particularly helpful. I am a new Orange San Francisco user. Until today, I had been using the stock Orange firmware. Previously I had been able to get the contact menu to do a couple of very useful things, which I shall describe below. Today, I have flashed the Swedish Spring RLS5 as I was beginning to get frustrated with the Orange apps on the phone not working, and I also wanted to see what difference a new ROM would make. Previously, the San Francisco was able to find duplicates in my contact list and merge them together. For example: in my contact list, I have a contact called John Smith with a mobile number, and another separate contact called John Smith with a home phone number. With the Orange stock firmware, the San Francisco amalgamated these two entries into one John Smith contact containing both numbers. I think that this may have happened automatically, but with Swedish Spring I have not managed to get this happening yet. Does this happen automatically, or is there something that I have to configure that I've forgotten about? Similarly, with the Orange firmware, the San Francisco was able to link contact phone numbers with their Twitter pages. For example, in my contact list, I have a contact containing a John Smith mobile number, and a separate contact containing a John Smith twitter address. Eventually, the two contacts would be amalgamated into one contact containing both the phone number and the twitter profile. Does Swedish Spring do this automatically? Pages like this seem to indicate that I could do this manually in my contact list by tapping on my contact, hitting Menu > Edit Contact, hitting Menu again and selecting Join. If I hit Menu on the Edit contact, all I get are Done and Revert options without any Join options. I suspect that Sync options are important for me, so here is what I've currently got configured: Menu > Settings > Accounts & sync settings: Background data selected Auto-Sync selected gmail sync is on (for contacts, gmail and calendar) Twitter sync is on (for twitter and contacts) Twitter settings: Sync Contacts - Sync All selected If anyone can figure out what's going on, then I'd be very grateful. Thanks in advance!
  8. I've been told that the follow works for some people. Settings >> Applications >> Manage Applications >> Your Orange and Clear Data. Unfortunately, I tried this and it made no difference. I've read some pretty poor reviews for that app, so perhaps the problem is arising from something else. I swear that on the first day I got my S.F. I selected an option on the phone somewhere and I got my balance sent as a text message a little while later, but I cannot be certain if it was from Your Orange or not. Edit: I worked out that I obtained my balance from the SIM Toolkit that Orange provide. The Your Orange app has never worked for me.
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