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  1. I can't seem to send MMS either, and I've checked my MMS settings and they're all OK. I use GoSMS and stock messenger app and neither can seem to send.
  2. One thing I have found across multiple builds is that my volume settings do not persist across reboots. I always have to turn up the volume after a reboot as it seems to reset to ~60%. Anyone else?
  3. My GPS issue was resolved when I copied over my custom gps.conf as the file seemed to be missing.
  4. I have found with the latest build - 1506, that my /system partition, although 220MB in size, had 36k free and no gps.conf file existing. I have now removed what I thought was something that was not required (will find out at some point if this is the case or not), and have added a custom gps.conf and rebooted the phone. There's a couple of posts about the /system partition space remaining, does anyone else have this?
  5. I am using the market s2e and find this works absolutely fine as long as you set to mount as ext4 in the options first otherwise it doesn't seem to mount the partition. Don't forget to reload once this is set.
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