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  1. Thanks, will look after it. But first i wanna try this to boot up.
  2. Just an idea. Thought because of the hardware similarities it could be "easily" ported. And the ZTE-style ICS seemed a bit faster on the Blade3 than the stock 4.0.3 rom on G300. The stock Blade III roms can be found here: http://firmware.pp.ua/ I used the Israel ROM as base (it was the newest when i found the page), deodex, then changed some necessary files from the Infusion (B07). I followed this tutorial: http://apcmag.com/po...roid-device.htm NOT working yet (at all. a bit disappointed, i'm just a beginner, don't hurt please :) if someone has affinity to make it work, then the stage is yours! :D Any advice is welcomed. ) download: 12.08 - first try https://www.box.com/...kzp1ubj2v0q0djo
  3. @ aaroNiGHTS yeah, right... and if you tap the version rapidly it says ICS? :D like this: http://youtube.com/watch?v=zIGwqNFiWzM#t=212s ?
  4. same SoC as in Acer: http://goo.gl/4CJBJ some benchmark results are very close, in Linpack near twice as fast as G300.
  5. @darnit exactly my situation, coming from Blade this MTK6575 is also nice (beats G300 easily) SoC, but i'd like to stick to dual-core (6577) i think it's more future-proof (i'm buying phone for at least 1 year) and it's just a few more bucks expensive on chinese sites (even cheaper than this Acer) @Taysider okay, but the S100 had a more common/spread/open chipset, i guess
  6. How likely is a custom rom? CM9/AOSP? :D Or at least that annoying bounce-back animation can be disabled and only glow instead? Jelly Bean update? How is the crazy-placed power button?
  7. My current phone is a ZTE Blade Random fact? i like trains! :D
  8. I was playing with this thing. Without modification flashed, works, but the screen is upside down and same problem as CWM touch recovery: only the half screen respond. With hardware buttons (vol +, -, menu) works fine, dont know if it can actually flash rom. I didn't went so far :D But indeed this is an interesting recovery, would be great if it could be ported.
  9. it's ARMv7, so i guess it could run Flash...
  10. How can the One S housing worn? i tought its made from super-duper durable metal thing:
  11. ZTE Mimosa X or Skate Acqua. After my Blade i would like to stick to this brand.
  12. Advent Vega - Tegra2, decent screen, ICS WIP, 3.2 stable. the chinese tabs are coming up, the Ainol tablets mentioned above have great price/performance ratio.
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