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  1. Hi, is the delayed gps lock a known bug or does it just affect certain phones (mine included) - any fixes in this build to address the issue? Many thanks.
  2. Unfortunately this rom and my blade don't get on at the moment . Tried installing it twice following the instructions from the first thread. Issues: Doesn't recognise usb connection / charger (pre & post google apps install) Leds remain on behind physical buttons Apps dont always load when pressing apps drawer (changed the drawer settings as per previous posts) Gallery doesnt load Very sluggish generally. No problem with WiFi connection. BLADE TFT - GEN1 to GEN2 210MB TPT Thanks for your efforts tilal.
  3. Was looking forward to this until you said no Bluetooth Oh well may be next release. Thanks for your hard work.
  4. Has anyone had any problems with the sound notification for text messages not working?
  5. Worked a treat for me, my mum can have her brand new San Fran II phone for Christmas and pop her O2 sim in it. Thanks for your hard work Bouncer5
  6. Same here, trying to connect to SKY email using IMAP on nightly 84 - never had an issue on previous nightlies?
  7. I have converted from Gen1 to Gen2 running N61 and experience the same issue with dialer, gallery and maps you mentioned above so I dont think its a converter problem.
  8. On an unrelated note, Has anyone else noticed n00bs on this thread are ever increasingly becoming ignorant assholes?
  9. Hi, first post so apologies if this is in the wrong section, does the stable build fix the phone rebooting when being charged? I have tried nightly 42 & 57 but both have this issue on my phone, or am I doing something wrong when installing the roms? Many thanks.

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