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  1. Prebake here. Thanks Paul and GedBlake for telling me how to fix it, thought I'd killed my Nexus :o Back on r1 and all fine again, will try not to be so eager next time :)
  2. Help :( Just installed this over r1 after deleting cache etc and now I just get this error message: Can't even get back to recovery mode :/
  3. UnStable999


    Hi Since this morning I cannot access Modaco from either Chrome or Firefox on my desktop, I just get a message saying the site is bloccked due to malware? (see attached). Posting this via internet explorer.
  4. Many thanks.. all done without a hitch! :)
  5. Thanks, sorry for being thick but I'm still new to this... In the recovery options I can see wipe cache partition and then under advanced wipe Dalvk cache are these the two I have to pick before installing the updated rom? TIA :)
  6. Hi Can I install Jr11 over Jr10 without losing my apps, settings etc? :unsure:

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